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Ropes and Revenge by Jessie Evans

Series of Interconnected Standalones: Lonesome Point Texas Series #6
Publisher: Self Taught Ninja
Print Length: 372 pages
Release Date: 4/14/2015
Last updated 5/12/2018

Two broken hearts, one chance to make something beautiful with the pieces...

Eight months ago, John Lawson lost his wife in a tragic accident on his family's ranch. In the time since, he's devoted himself to two things--taking care of his two newly motherless sons and proving that Lily's accident was no accident.

Now, he finally has hard evidence that his wife was murdered and he won't rest until he has the killer's blood on his hands.

He doesn't have time for anything but vengeance, especially not a crazy ghost hunter wanting to poke around the old spring on his family's ranch.

Persephone Styles--Percy to her friends--learned about ghosts the hard way, when she was orphaned by a violent crime. Ever since, she's seen spirits. She's in Lonesome Point to document the town's spectral activity, but finds herself powerfully drawn to John and empathizing with his grieving children. For the first time in years, Percy is as riveted by the living as the dead and longs to be a part of John's life.

But when one night of passion becomes something more, Percy realizes that the man she's coming to love is walking a dangerous road that may end with him becoming a murderer's next victim.

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