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Secret Sins by CD Reiss

Publisher: Flip City Media Inc.
Print Length: 170 pages
Release Date: 9/16/2016
Last updated 5/12/2018

From NY Times Bestselling Author CD Reiss.

Cin's a girl caught between a rock and a hard place. Or, more accurately, two rockers and their hard places.
Bandmates Strat and Indy don’t know anything about her except she’s smart as hell and sexy as heaven. They can’t agree who gets her, so they do the only thing two best friends could do. They declare her off limits to both of them.

Margie Drazen, AKA Cinnamon-you-can-call-me-Cin, has a thing or two to tell these guys.
Nobody “gets” her. She’ll let them know which one she wants when she can decide between them. Until then, their little pledges and promises aren’t her problem.

Her family is her problem. Her friends. And the world-famous blues rocker who has her cornered. He’s her problem too.

This may be one problem she can’t fix without some help.

Secret Sins has an edge just where you need it and a shocking twist at the end. It’s recommended for people with an open mind and a love of super hot stories.

BEG is added in the back as a free bonus novella! I hope you enjoy it!

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