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Shattered by Cari Quinn

Series of Interconnected Standalones: Lost in Oblivion Series #4
Publisher: Rainbow Rage Publishing
Print Length: 302 pages
Release Date: 11/3/2015
Last updated 5/12/2018

He’s shattered…and she’s the only woman who can help him pick up the pieces.

Lead guitarist Nick Crandall has everything he ever thought he wanted. But all his success doesn’t keep his dream from shattering, right before his eyes.

Until the person he least expects pulls him back from the brink.

Lila Shawcross is obsessed with her work, which includes managing the drama-prone members of Oblivion. She’s definitely not about to let a hot-headed, hard-bodied guitarist wreck her orderly existence or dilute her focus. So what if she’s never craved a man quite this much? There are just too many complications, including the gold band on her left hand.

Except Nick is determined to possess her…and what Nick wants, Nick gets. Because this time, he’s not walking away.

This book has a cliffhanger.

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