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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Aestas Book Database?

The Aestas Book Database ("BookDB") is a custom-designed sister-site to Aestas Book Blog that provides a personalized and unique book-themed search engine, tailored lists of books in specific categories, an innovative advanced search feature, categorized lists of books, and an interconnected network of books, authors, and series. This site is different from sites like Goodreads or Amazon because the books here have all been carefully and individually selected by me (Aestas) as ones I think sound good, or that I’ve personally read and loved. This all started because I get asked so many times each day by readers, “Hey, do you remember that book where…” or “What was that book that had a….” etc and while I love answering these questions, I also wanted to build a site that would help readers find the specific books they were searching for faster, accurately, and easily. So, after almost a year of design and building, the Aestas Book Database has launched!

Who is running it?

Me! Aestas! Hi! *waves* I’m the same person who runs Aestas Book Blog (and all of its social media) so if you’ve been following the blog, this is all me here too. As with all of my blog stuff, there are no other admins or co-bloggers.

Why did you make it?

Everything I do with my blog and now with this database comes from the fact that even though I'm a blogger, I’m also more importantly a reader and so, as a reader, I sat down and thought about what I personally wish existed to help me find books. This was what I came up with. And so I built it and now have turned it over to all you lovely readers in the hopes that it will be a reliable and easy method of constantly finding new books to read each week that fit exactly whatever YOU are looking for.

How did you make it?

Like my blog (Aestas Book Blog), this new database was completely custom designed by myself. That was actually the reason why it took almost a year to build it from scratch because really and truly, this entire site began as a blank page. Every single button, link, feature, design, line, dot, and literally anything you see was put together ‘virtually’ by hand. To be honest, this turned out to be a much bigger venture than I expected. Originally I was just planning to make a small but fun special feature of lists, but that idea quickly grew and grew and grew into this much more complex database.

What’s the difference between this and Aestas Book Blog?

Aestas Book Blog is more of a virtual and interactive newsletter of sorts. Browsing there you’ll find a weekly list of featured new releases, updated book sales, upcoming releases, and of course my personal book reviews. That blog isn’t going to change at all and will continue to run as it always has. This database is just an expansion of it.

The Aestas Book Database is the place where all the books I’ve ever posted as new releases, sales, recommendations or suggestions are held together. Each book is tagged in different categories, sorted into series lists, etc and then filtered through a giant search engine that will easily allow you to find specific books in specific categories without having to scroll back over weeks or months of posts. It’s basically a way to make readers’ lives easier.

HELP!!! I’m lost!!!!! How does the site even work?

There are five main ways you can search for books on the Aestas Book Database:

  1. If you’re looking for a particular list of books, go to the List Page. For example, let’s say you’re really into firefighter heroes at the moment, there’s a list for that! Or if you loooove second chance romance, there’s a list for that too! In fact, there are over 200 lists so you’re bound to find something you like there.
  2. If you’re trying to find a book that has a particular combination of things, go to the Advanced Search Page. For example, let’s say you want to read a second chance romance with a bad boy hero and a heroine who is a single mom… just go to that page and check off all those boxes and if there are any books in the Aestas Book Database that have all those things, you’ll get a custom list in the search results.
  3. If you’re looking for a particular book, search the A-Z Book List.
  4. If you’re looking for a particular author, search the A-Z Author List. This is helpful if you’ve loved one book by an author and want to read more of their books but aren’t sure which one to try. This gives you a list of the ones they’ve written that I’ve either loved or think sound good.
  5. If you’re looking for a particular series, search the A-Z Series List. This will give you reading orders so that you don’t get lost within the series you’re reading.

Why do some books have stars beside them?

Those are my personal favorites — so they’re recommendations rather than suggestions.

What’s the difference between a recommendation and a suggestion?

There are two kinds of books listed on the Aestas Book Database: Recommendations and Suggestions. Recommendations are books I’ve personally read and loved (these come up first in the List Page search results). Suggestions are books I’ve checked out, like the sound of, would purchase and try reading myself, and so I’m sharing with you too because realistically I’m only one person and I can’t read every single book in the world (even though I’d love to) but those books look good to me and so I’m suggesting them to you as a potentially good book (these come up below my recommendations in search results).

Why do some books not have numbers in the series reading orders?

Those are novellas. Books have numbers, novellas are placed correctly in the order but have no number marking.

How do you choose the books that listed in BookDB?

Carefully and with endless hours of pouring over blurbs and reviews. The answer to the next question elaborates more on this.

Have you read all the books listed here?

Some, but not all of them, but I did personally select each one. As mentioned above, I’ve read the recommendations (marked with stars) and I haven’t read the suggestions.

Can I request a book for consideration to add to the Aestas Book Database?

Yes, you can! Just click the "send feedback" link, then type in the title and author and hit send!

Can I request a new list to be added?

Sure thing! I love making new lists and would love to include ones that you want. If you scroll to the bottom of the Book Lists Page, there’s a little area for you to type in the name of a new list you’d like to request. Quick and easy!

How often will Book DB be updated and new books added?

Once a week, I add in the 20-40 new books I’ve selected to post in my new release and sales lists (that seems to be the average number of books). But I update Aestas Book Blog every day with new little additions so realistically, there will likely be new books added here each day as I find them.

How do I find the newest books?

If you’re subscribed to Aestas Book Blog, you’ll get an email reminding you about each week’s New Release list so that’s the easiest to see all the new additions in one place. But the way you’ll find those new books here on the Aestas Book Database is easy: when you search for lists etc, the newest books will be at the top of the search results.

What about upcoming books? How come they’re not included here?

I thought about including upcoming books in this database at first, but decided against it because seriously how annoying would it be if you found a book that exactly fit what you were looking for only to discover that it didn’t release for like four months. Haha, I know I’d be annoyed! So I didn’t want that to happen to you so I decided to only feature books here that were already released insuring that every book you find is immediately readable. As I mentioned above though, I add new books here every day or week so they get added as they’re released. If you want to know which books are coming soon, just visit Aestas Book Blog’s Upcoming Releases Page!

How will I know when new books have been added?

On each List Page or search result page is an option to sort the results by "Newest" and doing this mean that the newest book additions will show up first if you're looking for the latest additions to BookDB So lets say you’re a huge fan of billionaire romance but you’ve read everything on the current list, if you check back the next week, you’ll see any new books added to that list at the very top. I figured this would make it easiest to find new books to read.

Can I ask you a question that isn’t listed here yet?

Of course! Just scroll to the very bottom of any page and click the "send feedback" link, then type in the title and author and hit send!

Just as a final note, I want to state publicly that authors and/or publishers DO NOT pay to be featured here. Just like on Aestas Book Blog, I have a strict no-advertising policy on the Aestas Book Database and the absolute only way I will ever include a book is because I either love it or genuinely think it sounds good to me.