Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace - Newest recommendation!! 5+ STARS!!!

This is my latest TOP recommendation!!! If you love books with intensely strong emotions, that make you feel every word of the story with all your heart, make you go through every emotion from laughing out loud to full-on crying, and that have a gorgeous love at the heart of it all, then try this!! Also, if you’re a fan of The Sweet Gum Tree, you will LOVE this. The hero + heroine were childhood friends and later young lovers torn apart by a tragedy. Then, he suddenly comes home 26 years (!!!) later and the secrets behind why they were torn apart come out… Read my review


Sugar On The Edge by Sawyer Bennett - Just released!!

OMG, I had to one-click this!! The hero is a reclusive author who is total loner — twisted, bitter, and angry at the world who is drawn to a girl who is his complete opposite. He’s raw, forceful and a dirty talker. She’s a flowers and romance type of girl. — I can’t wait to read this!!!

PS: This is a complete standalone. There are 2 books before it in the series (different couples) but this author writes them so that you can read them alone.


Break The Sky by Nina Lane - Just released!!

I’m so excited to read this!!! This is a standalone spinoff of the Spiral Of Bliss series following the story of Kelsey and Dean’s younger brother, Archer West, who I hear is quite the bad boy!!! *squee* And I have to say, that cover is hot hot HOT!!!!

The main Spiral of Bliss series is a completed set of 3 books (same couple) that I adored and highly recommend: Arouse, Allure, Awaken.


Lead by Kylie Scott - Just released!!

Rock star fans!!! This is the third Stage Dive book and it’s Jimmy’s story (a standalone). He’s the lead singer of their band and is used to getting whatever he wants. But things get complicated “when a PR disaster lands him in rehab” and he’s stuck with a new assistant, Lena. — I can’t wait to read it!!

Series reading order: Lick, Play, Lead (all standalones)


Hope Over Fear by J.A. DeRouen - Just released!!

This is also a new standalone. I read the prologue and was hooked!! ➜ Today is the day that the man I love marries someone else. I don’t deserve pity or sympathy. I left Mason and ripped his heart to pieces as I ran away. The guilt and sorrow consume me everyday… But today is a new beginning. Today is the day I will wake up with a renewed determination to be better. My name is Sara Preston, and this is my story about what happens after.


Six of Hearts by L.H. Cosway - Just released!!

This standalone sounds so intriguing!! ➜ Meet Jay Fields: Illusionist. Mentalist. Trickster. — The world thinks I killed a man, but I didn’t… Revenge is what I want. I want it for me and I want it for her…. She doesn’t remember me, but she’s the reason for everything… So go ahead and pick a card. Come inside and see the show… While you’re so focused on looking, I’ll be destroying your world from right here in the spotlight… I’ve only got one heart, and after I’ve pulled off my grand deception I’ll hand it right to her…You’re in for one hell of a ride.


Drive by Brenda Rothert - Just released!!

The hero of this new standalone is a foul-mouthed Russian hockey heartthrob who gets into a love-hate with a woman writing a column on him who has also sworn off men for a writing assignment!!

While this is a complete standalone romance, it’s also technically Book 4 in the Fire On Ice series. Reading the other books first is optional. #1 Bound, #2 Captive, #3 Edge, #4 Drive.


Rogue by Katy Evans - Just released!!

This is the latest standalone in the Real series. From the blurb ➜ His name is Greyson King, but his alias is Zero. There’s zero trace of him, he has zero past, and now I know that with him, I will have zero future. He may leave no trace of him anywhere, but his imprint is in me, in my very soul. The man I thought was my prince charming… went rogue. Greyson will stop at nothing to make me be with him. He’ll let no one stand in our way…


The Space Between Us by Anie Michaels - Reader rec!!

This book has HIGH ratings and a few readers who recently finished it all told me the same thing: they really loved it even though parts drove them crazy, but they were also soooo glad they kept reading cuz it all came together with a LOT of feels!! So I wanted to pass along what I heard in case you’re interested. This has mostly all 5-STAR ratings and it’s a second chance romance standalone. On my TBR!!


Not Yet by Laura Ward - Just released!!

From the blurb… Emma thinks she has life all figured out. For years, she’s put her big sister, who was born with Down syndrome, first. Now Emma’s ready to start her own life, but fate has other plans. To do the right thing for the sister she loves, Emma’s dreams will just have to wait. Then she meets Landon — a rich, flirtatious jock, who never has to wait for anything. Meeting Emma marks the first time in his life that he’s had to fight for something…


Beloved Healer by Bonnie Dee - Just released!!

This is a contemporary romance with a paranormal twist. ➜ The hero has a special ability to heal at a touch but it feels more like a curse than a blessing to him because it’s draining the life out of him. So he hides out in a small town, trying to avoid any entanglements. But then he meets Ava who is working to support herself, her disabled younger brother and her alcoholic mother. She doesn’t need the distraction of falling for a stranger who’s just passing through, yet can’t deny the magnetic attraction between her and Mason. They begin a tentative romance, each finding something they seek in the other… But when Ava’s brother needs his help, will Mason make the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he loves?


Come Back To Me by Mila Gray (My Review) - Top recommendation!!

I absolutely LOVED this book!!!  It was SO much more than I expected. Deeply emotional, sexy, funny, romantic…. and it had that special heart-pounding intensity to it. Definitely a new top fav!!! :) — It’s a forbidden romance about a Marine who’s home on leave and drawn to the one girl he can’t have… his best friend’s sister. But he’s only home for 4 weeks before he’s sent out again for another 9 months so every second they have together is stolen and precious…


Thrive (Addicted Series) by K&B Ritchie - Recent release!!

This is the latest novel in the amazing Addicted series, one of my all-time favorite on-going series. The series centers around 3 couples with each book being told from one of their perspectives. This one is focused on Lily & Lo (a sex addict & alcoholic) and it is absolutely fantastic!! I loved it! Read my new review. Please note: This is NOT a standalone.

Must be read in order: Addicted To You (review), Ricochet (review), Addicted For Now (review), Kiss The Sky (review), Hothouse Flower (review), Thrive (review).


Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown - Recent review!!

This was a unique, captivating standalone about a woman who was the seventh wife in a polygamist family and who fell in love with an outsider. A man who made her want more out of life and the freedom to choose who to love. — It was totally different than anything else I’ve ever read!! Read my review.

“I had my secrets. A voice inside me told me I didn’t belong here, that there was another life waiting for me.”


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - Recent review!!

** SOBS ** What an incredible story!! It was powerful, heart-breaking, and bittersweet but also oddly heartwarming. Absolutely unforgettable for sure. I think it’s impossible to come away from this without an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the blessings in your life. I’m SO glad I finally worked up the courage to read it! *sniff* – Read my review.

“I had a hundred and seventeen days in which to convince Will Traynor that he had a reason to live.”





*** MORE BOOKS ***

Some random finds, some reader recommendations, etc. 


NEVER ME by Kate Stewart 

I’m hearing great things about this book! ➜ “I was a thief of men… a whore. Not the conventional type that got paid for sex. I was the girl you talked about in your sad inner circle. The girl you shielded your boyfriend from as you cleverly covered him with your body when I came near. I was at threat to you. One week… one incredible week was all it took to forever change me. I was NEVER going to be you … until I met HIM.”


DAIR by RK Lilley 

This is the finale of THE WILD SIDE serial! It’s about a guy in his forties whose falls for a much younger woman he meets at this gym. He’s ninety percent sure that she’s a criminal, and still, he can’t seem to turn her down… — #1 The Wild Side, #2 Iris, #3 Dair.


ALL OF YOU by Gina Sorelle 

Damaged hero alert!! The first book is $0.99 and this is the second. Both can be read as standalones (different couples). The hero of the first book is an Alpha, ex-military guy with a bad childhood. He’s all anti-social and distant but falls for “her”… And the hero of the second book is a wounded Police Officer and the woman he’s falling for is ill…


THE VIXEN AND THE VET by Katy Regnery 

I love the sound of this! The heroine is a journalist who decides to write a piece on the town hermit, Asher Lee, a wounded veteran who returned home 8 years ago horrifically scarred and hasn’t been seen since… And when Asher agrees to be interviewed by Savannah, he starts feeling things for her that he hasn’t felt in years. — 50% of proceeds go to charity.



This is a bit of a second chance romance with a rock star hero. When her son was diagnosed with autism, Avery’s husband left her and her son became her whole world until a man from her past walked back into her life. Mason was a rock star who she’d loved silently for years and who’d broken her heart once. But “time and life have a funny way of changing people, and sometimes second chances are there for a reason.”


ALWAYS FOREVER by Cheryl McIntyre 

This is a new standalone in the Sometimes Never series (can be read on it’s own). It’s a second chance romance about a guy who was forced to leave his girl behind but returns home 12 years later… I love this kind of story!



Wow, this has HIGH ratings!!! It’s a “forbidden love story” that’s been getting a lot of buzz so definitely be sure to check it out!! It’s about a single mom who catches the eye of her lawn boy. “Love only comes around once in a lifetime. Only fools think otherwise, and I’m the biggest fool of them all.”


LOCK & KEY by Kat Porter 

For any biker fans, I’m passing along a reader recommendation here. I haven’t read this book but here’s the info if you want to check it out! ➜ “I swore to myself never again. Never again surrender my heart. Never again sacrifice to the Club. But that all changed in one night. I came home and crashed into him, and my past and present blew up in my face. Both of us lonely, running on empty, and unwilling to admit it. Until now.”



This series is hugely popular and has insanely HIGH ratings. They should be read in order. This is book four and is Cameron & Lucy’s story ➜ “There is a love so fierce it cannot be measured. He promised me that love forever. Even when it wasn’t enough.” — #1 More Than This, #2 More Than Him, #3 More Than Her, #4 More Than Forever.



This is the highly rated standalone sequel to Dearest Clementine about a soccer star who has a one-night stand with a girl who, for the first time ever, makes him want “more” but he doesn’t even recognize her the next time he sees her! It can either be read on it’s own or after DC.


PUDDLE JUMPING by Amber L. Johnson –  $0.99 Recommendation

This was a beautifully written mature YA standalone romance about two childhood friends who are reunited in high school and fall in love. The hero has Asperger’s and the heroine loves him unconditionally. This is their love story. Read my review.


53 LETTERS FOR MY LOVER by Leylah Attar — Recommendation

Forbidden romance fans!! This was sexy, daring, and beautifully written Adult standalone — kind of a cross between Adult romance and women’s fiction with an intense forbidden romance spanning three decades. This was not your typical love story!! Read my review.




Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover - Upcoming must-read of 2014!!

WOW WOW WOW!!!! I read an early copy of this and it was absolute, stunning PERFECTION in every way. It was SO unique, and so intensely emotional that it just blew me away!! I almost guarantee that you will cry (seriously, my heart broke for Miles!!!) but I PROMISE you it’s worth every tear because the way that it all comes together is just GORGEOUS!!!! Oh and also, it’s HOT!! Like really hot!!! I honestly just loved every single word. 6 STARS!!!!! Be sure to pre-order your copy!! This is a MUST-READ of the year!! Read my review.



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Book Review — Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

Book Review — Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

“I loved you,” I whispered. “I always loved you.”

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book!!! Books like this are the reason I love to read. I absolutely adored it!!

If you love books with intensely strong emotions, that make you feel every word of the story with all your heart, make you go through every range of emotion from laughing out loud to full-on crying, and that have a gorgeous love at the heart of it all that never lets go, then this is the book for you!!

I honestly could not put it down. I literally just sat there glued to my Kindle all day soaking up every single world of this story. I even cancelled my dinner plans so that I could just sit and read without stopping.

This is a second chance romance about a love that remained even after a twenty-six year (!!!!) separation. The hero, Noah, and heroine, Jules, were best friends in childhood, and later on, they became young lovers. He was her first everything and they began to plan a future together. But at seventeen years old, they were torn apart by a event that shattered their world and Noah left town to join the military. For twenty-six years, Jules didn’t hear anything from him. But even with her heart broken, life went on and she married someone else and had a daughter but that marriage didn’t last because her heart still belonged to Noah even though he was no longer there. Then one day, Noah came home… and the secrets that once tore them apart came out into the light as their feelings for each other once again became undeniable.

Ohhhh my gosh, you guys…. that moment when she saw him for the first time when he came home gave me tingles all over from head to toe. My heart stopped. I was completely wrapped up in every word.

Noah and Jules had the kind of connection where you just KNEW that no matter what, these two belonged together. They were soul mates. They had the kind of love that nothing could shatter — no words, no actions, no measure of time. They belonged to each other and nothing could ever change that.

“Everything in me wanted to wind my arms around him and pull him the rest of the way in, to feel his lips come down on mine, but … that was from a lifetime ago.”

This story is also a lot more than just a romance. There are several things I haven’t told you here because I don’t want to spoil the story but there are three twists in particular that added this extra measure of hyper-intensity to the story. I wish I could tell you but I promise it’s best to just discover it for yourselves.

I do want to address one thing because I know that some of you are going to skim other reviews, see this, and freak out a little like I initially did. Ok, so when Noah returns, he’s not alone… he’s brought back a woman that he’s engaged to. I want to stress that this is not a love triangle but I also don’t want to give anything away so just…. please trust me? Please? I promise everything works out. Ok?? — Oh, and the thing I loved most is that it managed to worked out without anyone being the villain. I loved the manner in which the author pulled all the pieces together. It was honestly just perfect to me!

“You aren’t the only one that hasn’t been able to love anyone, Jules,” he said under his breath. “And I’ve tried.”


“There’s only one woman that ever fit that bill.”

Noah. Let me take a quick moment to gush about him. This guy. Holy hell!!! Such a total Alpha male. It’s not really highlighted in the book a lot but he actually became a Navy SEAL in those twenty-six years so he’s all kinds of badass. But emotionally, he was just the kind of guy that totally gave his heart over to his girl and wanted to do the right thing by her. And when life took away that control, he lost it… and consequently carried around a lot of baggage and a host of painful memories and unresolved hurt. But what I loved most about him was that despite the pain, he never stopped loving Jules. Gah. *MELT*

“Feel that?” he said. “How do we walk away from that?”

Jules was a really wonderful heroine. What I loved about her was that she was very flawed. She’d made a lot of mistakes in life and throughout the course of this book we saw her go through a really beautiful transformation as she learned from those mistakes and made conscious choices to change. (PS. She didn’t cheat on him, don’t worry.) It was also really cool to see her relationship with her 17-year-old daughter and those consequent struggles. It was such an interesting parallel seeing her on the parental side of a girl who was now the age she had been when she and Noah fell in love so many years ago.

There was this intense push-pull between Noah and Jules as they were faced with all their feelings for each other rushing back so strongly. There were so many unresolved issues to work through so. So many secrets and unspoken feelings that they couldn’t hold back … and mostly, a powerful, forever love.

“I remember everything,” he whispered.”

Some scenes were literally so intense and they would hit me so strongly that just suddenly I’d be crying. Tears would be pouring down my face even when it wasn’t a sad scene. Often, they were even happy tears. I’d just be feeling so much that I felt like I was on constant emotional overload of the best kind.

“I’ve got you,” came Noah’s voice against my ear… “Just breathe, baby, I’ve got you.”

But seriously, the complexity of the situation that’s built is pretttttyyy crazy. It all makes total sense but let me tell you that it is one huge emotional tangle with so many connections and so many different sides. There’s a lot I haven’t told you but this was such a rich, multi-layered story.

It had ALL . THE . FEELS!!!!

There’s actually a quote in the books that says, “sometimes the harder, complicated relationships that you have to fight for are the ones worth something,” and I really feel like that completely represents the story.

It’s quite a fast read despite it being a full length book. I read it in one sitting and there are no slow spots. I pretty much just sat there madly flipping pages til I got to the end. The story just flows.

I want to stress that this isn’t what I’d call a sad book, it’s just very emotional. Honestly, many of my tears (and there were a lot of them) were happy ones! And this book had one of the best endings EVER. The story came full circle in the most literal way you can imagine. Happy tears were pouring down my face!!

You know how Kristen Ashley books have that way of connecting you with the families of the main couple?? Well, this book really did that too (even though the writing style/story is nothing like KA) but the thing I’m comparing is the way the connections between mother/child, father/child, best friends, in-laws, grandparents, best friends, teens, children, etc, were conveyed. Just such gorgeous emotions and such an integral, beautiful part of the story. The deep-rooted bonds of love and family can be extraordinarily powerful and when you have an author convey them so strongly and with this much sensitivity and depth, its really one of the most incredible reading experiences ever.

I highly recommend this for fans of The Sweet Gum Tree. If you’re a fan of that, then you will love this. The story is different, but it had the exact same intensity and “feeling” to it. Absolutely gorgeous emotions!!!!! And it’s crazy because I read The Sweet Gum Tree ages and ages ago and yet it’s still one of my top favorites so it was such a huge treat to find another book that brought back a similar set of feelings while still being a different story. I have a feeling that this book will also end up being a long-time favorite.

I just want to go up to each one of you and beg you to please give this book a shot. You know that feeling? When you just love a book so much that you want the whole world to read it?? Well, this is me shouting from the proverbial rooftops here…. READ THIS BOOK, guys!!!!!! *ahem* Please? :D

“Don’t let go,” I whispered.

Rating: 5+ STARS!!! Standalone romance. 

DONT LET GO promo2

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Book Review — Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Book Review — Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

“I had a hundred and seventeen days in which to convince Will Traynor that he had a reason to live.”

What an incredible story!!

When I finished this book, tears were pouring down my face. It was powerful, heart-breaking, and bittersweet but also oddly heartwarming. Absolutely unforgettable. I honestly think it’s impossible to come away from this book without an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

I’ll be honest, it’s taken me over a year to work up the courage to read this book. I found out the ending back in 2012 when I first heard about the book and my initial reaction was Noooope, I can’t do this!… but I was still drawn to the story and deeply curious about it. So I kept it at the back of my mind and would think about it from time to time. I’d even open the book, then chicken out and put it back. But I finally came to terms mentally with the story and got to a point where I felt I was ready to read it. And I just want to say that I am SO glad that I finally decided to go for it because this story will stay in my heart forever.

It’s about a woman, Louisa, who is desperate for a job and accepts a position as private caregiver to a young disabled man, a quadriplegic, from a wealthy family. This man, Will Traynor, had once been on the fast track in life — a high powered business man who pursued a thrilling life of action and adventure. But that all came to a sudden, tragic halt the day he was the victim of an accident that left most of his body paralyzed. Now faced with the medical reality that he was never going to recover, his entire outlook on life changed and he made a shocking, but yet oddly understandable, personal decision which he felt was right for him much to the despair of his family. And that was where Lou came into the picture.

It was truly tragic seeing this guy who had so much mental energy be so strongly and permanently confined. He was trapped inside his own body and, as a reader, I could really feel his hopeless frustration and rage. For the first time since his accident though, Lou brought moments of joy into his life.

Mind you, they didn’t have the smoothest of starts. Will was cranky, moody, and had no desire to establish any kind of friendship with her. But as the days went by, things slowly began to change between them…

This story was quietly captivating. You could almost call it slow-paced and yet I didn’t want to put it down and was constantly thinking about all aspects of the story even when I wasn’t reading it.

I’m at odds with how much I should tell you about it though. On one hand, I fully respect and understand the benefits of going into a story like this blind, but on the flip side, if it was me, I would have wanted to know what to expect so I’m going to split things up here….

If you don’t want to know anything more about the story before you read, you can just stop here or click to purchase the book. BUT…. if you want to get an idea of the way everything ends, then read on.

Essentially, prior to the start of the book, Will made an unwavering, clear-minded decision that he did not wish to continue his life in his condition. It was not a rash or unstable decision made out of depression or anger, but rather one based on medical facts and personal choice. Louisa found out about his choice relatively early on and when she did, she was horrified and decided to do everything in her power to convince him to change his mind. I think that it was a very natural reaction to want to cling to hope for a better future and the belief that there must be a way. I don’t want to directly give the ending away but at the same time I want to warn you that this is not a fairy tale and its a painfully real and honest story.

There is no sudden tragedy or twist at the end. More like a personal choice made by taking a realistic look at life. It’s painfully heartbreaking to admit but I do feel that, given the circumstances of Will’s situation and what he wanted out of his life, it was the right ending for the person to whom it mattered most.

I’m not going to lie, prior to reading this book, I struggled with the morality of it simply based on my natural reaction. But, looking back, that was unfair because I didn’t really know the complexity or details of this exact situation. I think we innately want to fix things, and it’s easier to hold on to imaginary hope when you’re not the person who is trapped. It’s an incredibly selfless act to love someone enough to put their happiness first even at the cost of your own. It makes my heart ache to say this and I still can’t even think about it without tears coming to my eyes but… it really ended the only way it could have.

There are so many valuable life lessons embedded in this story — to find a purpose in life, to follow your passions, to never waste a single moment — and I feel like this story gives an important reminder to value each minute, and cherish each of the things that we can so easily take for granted.

Everything is precious. Every ability, every minute, all of it.

Count your blessings. Be grateful for each one of them. Read this book.

Rating: 4.5 — 5 stars. Standalone.
This is fiction, not romance, even though there is a love story.


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SIGNED GIVEAWAY — The Broken series by Kimberly Lauren

SIGNED GIVEAWAY — The Broken series by Kimberly Lauren

Woohoo!!! I have an awesome set of 3 signed books for you to win today!! Each book in this series is a standalone about a different couple. It’s best to read the first 2 books in order (so read #2 after #2) but you can read the third one as a complete standalone apart from the series.

  1. Beautiful Broken Rules (read my review) has a yummy bad boy hero. *swoon*
  2. Beautiful Broken Mess is about the brother of the bad boy mentioned above.
  3. Beautiful Broken Promises (read my review) is a totally unique love story with a wonderful twist that I don’t want to spoil so… just read it. I promise it’s wonderful ;) — You can read this book alone.

Click covers to purchase eBooks.



Open Internationally. Void where prohibited by law. Must be over 18 to enter. 1 winner will a signed set of all 3 books in the Broken series.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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$50.00 GIFT CARD + SIGNED GIVEAWAY — The Wild Side trilogy by RK Lilley

$50.00 GIFT CARD + SIGNED GIVEAWAY — The Wild Side trilogy by RK Lilley

Check this out!!!

To celebrate the brand new release of Dair, the finale in The Wild Side trilogy, author RK Lilley has generously offered a giveaway of an omnibus edition of the complete trilogy (this is a special limited edition paperback version that won’t be available for sale) AND a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card!!

If you’re new to the series, I have all the info below… then be sure to enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post for your chance to win the big prize!! Good luck!!!



Alasdair Masters is in a rut.  He just hit forty, has been nearly celibate for the past year, and his life has turned into a daily sequence of lonely patterns that revolve around avoiding human contact.   

His tidy life is turned on its head when a hot young blonde at the gym that’s been pseudo-stalking him decides to rock his world.  A very young blonde.  Way, way too young for him.  The problem is, he can’t seem to tell her no, and she just keeps coming back for more. 

It doesn’t help that he’s ninety percent sure she’s a criminal, and still, he can’t seem to turn her down.  What is a dull introvert to do when a chaotic cyclone that oozes sexuality comes twisting into his life?     

At first, he thinks she’ll give him a heart attack, but after his twenty-year marriage ended a year ago, he’s been a little lost, and when she comes crashing into his life, he realizes that he’s never felt more alive. 

Is a walk on the wild side just what he needs to get his on track or a disaster in the making?  Is it possible for someone that much younger to be just what he needs, or is she a fortune hunter, as everyone keeps telling him?  Is it his hormones telling him that the mysterious younger woman is the one, or could it be more?


Open Internationally. Void where prohibited by law. Must be over 18 to enter.
1 winner will a signed omnibus of The Wild Side trilogy & a $50 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Fifty Shades of Grey — Official Movie Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey — Official Movie Trailer

Holy hotness!!! It’s here!!!!

I know the official Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer is already on screens across the world but I loved these books so much that I wanted to post it here too because WOW!!!!! It is hot!!!

Movie release date is February 14, 2015. Guess where I’ll be on Valentines day?? ;)

On the odd chance you’re one of the readers who hasn’t yet read these amazing books, please be sure to add them to the top of your reading list!! They are absolutely fantastic!!! One of my all-time favorites!

You have to watch the trailer though. The elevator kiss…. the piano shot…. the RROP…. Oh my!!!! 

PS. This movie is of the first book only. EL James has said: 3 books, 3 movies.

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