Check out all these awesome new books & deals!!! And don’t forget the giant preorder list at the bottom of the post too!! There are a lot of books soon to be released that sound amazing!! :D


ROOM FOR YOU by Beth Ehemann — Top Recommendation!!!

I LOOOOOVED this book and it’s still my top recommendation of the moment!!! Read my review. It was a sweet, swoony, heart-melting, romance, perfectly balanced with just enough angst to keep me on my toes.  The heroine is a single mom with 2 little twin girls, and the hero is a famous hockey player (but she doesn’t know that) and a storm strands him at the Inn she runs with her mom and he has to stay a few days…. ok, and just get this — he calls her little girls his Twinkies!!! OMG *SWOON*

It’s the first of a 2-book series (both books are about the same couple, and both are available) and I read the sequel right after and loved it just as much as the first one!! I highly recommend them both!!! SO. MUCH. SWOOOOOON. !!!! Reading order: #1 ROOM FOR YOU, #2 ROOM FOR MORE.


THE WILL by Kristen Ashley — Top Recommendation!!

WOW!! This book was pure freaking GOLD!!!! Read my review.  My heart was RACING the whole way through. I had SHIVERS and was so totally wrapped up in the story!! I love love loved Jake!!!!  Talk about ALPHA!!!! He was bossy but in a loveable way.. total take-no-bullshit attitude. He was pure Alpha awesomeness. Honestly, Jake & Josie are one of my favorite KA couples of all time now. The best way I can describe this book is EPIC — epic emotions, epic story, epic romance!!!  This book reads as a standalone romance  so if you’re new to Kristen Ashley books, you can start with this and, if you’re already Kristen Ashley fans, you’ll understand when I say this is Vintage KA” style!! :D

VITAL SIGN by J.L. Mac — Limited Time Sale (Read my Review)

I finished this recently and really enjoyed it!! It’s a beautiful standalone romance about a woman whose husband dies and donates his organs. She spirals into misery but decides to go searching for these people who benefitted from his death and….. “The heart that once fell in love with her now resides in Alexander McBride’s chest.”


EXPOSED: 10 BOOK SALE BUNDLE by Various Authors — $0.99 Special!!

WOW!!! HUGE SALE ALERT!!! This new bundle has 10 full-length romance novels including several of my favorites!! This is LIMITED TIME only and all the books are either the first in a series or standalones for only $0.99 total (worth $29)!! Don’t miss this!! 


UNFIXABLE by Tessa Bailey — $0.99 New Release (Read my Review)

This sounds like fun! The heroine is a “sarcastic American girl” fresh off a bad break up who goes to Ireland where she meets a “dark-haired, blue-eyed” famous race car driver “with a bad attitude that rivals her own”…. I haven’t read it but it’s only $0.99!! **EDIT: I recently finished this and loved it! It was fun, sexy, and light-hearted. Honestly, it felt exactly like “reading” a romantic comedy movie — great banter, a hot hero, a snarky heroine, a little bit of drama thrown in and a happy ending. It was just the type of read I was looking for now ;)


HAPPENSTANCE by Jamie McGuire — New Announcement + Pre-Order

Jamie McGuire just announced this new 100 page novella that’ll be released in just a few weeks on May 9th!! The cover is just stunning and the story sounds interesting! If you want to find out more about the story, you can read the full blurb and preorder at this link.


FRENCHED by Melanie Harlow — $0.99 Sale (Read my Review)

This is a really fun, sexy romance!! The heroine gets dumped right before her wedding and decides to go on her honeymoon to Paris by herself where she meets a sexy bartender named Lucas who convinces her to let him be her tour guide… and their whirlwind romance begins!! It also comes highly recommended by author M. Pierce.


ONLY FOR YOU by Genna Rulon – $0.99 Sale

I’ve had this on my TBR for a while and it’s on sale now!! After a wave of violent crime on her university campus, the heroine takes up a school sponsored self-defense seminar, where she meets volunteer instructor, Hunter Charles… (This book can be read as a standalone) 


KISS THIS by Hadley Quinn– $0.99 Sale

I’ve had this book on my TBR for a long time too. It’s about a girl who lost her first love tragically and since then has promised herself she wouldn’t kiss anyone she didn’t love. When she meets the hero, he’s the first guy to make her want to disregard that rule and so she makes a bet not to kiss him for a week… oh, and he has a secret! 


THE SECRET OF ELLA AND MICHA by Jessica Sorensen — $0.99 Sale

I read this way back when it first came out and fell in love with it!! I know many of you have read it already but if anyone hasn’t, this is a great deal on a beautiful friends to lovers story about a girl from a broken home and the bad boy who made her feel loved and safe again 


NIGHT AFTER NIGHT by Lauren Blakely — New Release

Oooh a dirty talkin’ hero!! The blurb calls it a “sensual, emotionally-charged erotic romance” and the heroine is (literally) a wanted woman – “the stakes are high, her every move is watched, and yet the lure between them can’t be denied.” This book also includes the prequel novella in it.


HARD TIME by Cara McKenna — New Release

Ooooh!! The heroine of this book has a new job is working as a librarian at a prison and the hero …. is an inmate!! And they begin a forbidden romance. I love different sounding books so this one definitely caught my attention!


FIGHTING TO FORGET by J.B. Salsbury — New Release

NEW FIGHTER BOOK!! This is a second chance romance between a tattooed, pierced fighter and the girl from his past that he can’t remember but who can’t forget him!! — “She’s watched him, followed him and kept tabs, all in preparation for this moment: to make amends and share the secret she’s been carrying since she was a kid…”


KNOX: VOLUME 3 by Cassia Leo — New Release

This is the newest instalment of this “sinfully sexy and suspenseful 4-part serial.” While I haven’t read it yet, it’s been getting great ratings so here are the links. They should all be read in order: Volume 1 ($0.99), Volume 2 ($0.99), Volume 3 (new).


CRAZY GOOD by Rachel Robinson — New Release

Several readers have recommended this book to me recently and it’s been getting great ratings. It’s a contemporary romance with a hero who is a Navy SEAL. The blurb says ➜ “Before there were bikers, or fighters, or even good old-fashioned jerks, there were Navy SEALs. They put the bad in badass because, well…it’s their job.”


NOVA & QUINTON: NO REGRETS by Jessica Sorensen — New Release

This is Book #3 in the NOVA series and it will be live at midnight!! The blurb calls it “a story about giving in to love — body and soul” and the books should be read in the following order: #1 Breaking Nova, #2 Saving Quinton, #3 Nova & Quinton: No Regrets.


CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare — Series Price Drops

The first 5 books of the Mortal Instruments series (YA paranormal/romance) are under $5 each (reg. $7-11) so here are the links and reading order: #1 City of Bones, #2 City of Ashes, #3 City of Glass, #4 City of Fallen Angels, #5 City of Lost Souls, #6 City of Heavenly Fire.


FINDING MY WAY by Heidi McLaughlin — New Release

This is the fourth book in the rock star “Beaumont” series but is actually a prequel to the first book, Forever My Girl — however it is recommended to read it as the fourth book in the series. All the books are interconnected standalones and I really enjoyed the first three: #1 Forever My Girl, #2 My Unexpected Forever, #3 Finding My Forever, #4 Finding My Way.


BO & EMBER by Andrea Randall — New Release + $0.99 Series Sale!!

The first four books and novella in the November Blue series are on sale for $0.99 each for a limited time & the final one was just released!! I haven’t read these yet but I love this author’s writing. Reading order: #1 Ten Days of Perfect ($0.99), #2 Reckless Abandon ($0.99), #3 Sweet Forty-Two ($0.99), #4 Marrying Ember ($0.99), #5 Bo & Ember (new).


DON’T LOOK BACK by Jennifer Armentrout — New Release

This is a new standalone romance/thriller about a wealthy and popular girl who had it all until the night she and her best friend disappeared. She then is found but has no memory of who she was or what happened… However, her friend is still missing and the facts of what happened are buried in her mind but there’s someone else who knows too and wants to make sure she stays quiet… “What if not remembering is the only thing keeping her alive?”


BEND by Various Authors — $0.99 Anthology Preorder

This includes 8 “original, never before published stories to excite and arouse,” from many authors including K. Bromberg, Shay Savage, CD Reiss, JA Huss and more… all for just $0.99!! Full description of each of the stories can be found at this link.


VEILED INNOCENCE by Ella Frank — Recent Release

This is a new standalone student/teacher romance. I haven’t read it but check out the blurb ➜➜ “Tick, tick, tock. Time. That’s all I have now. A small room, a photograph, and time. They want me to trust them and confess my sins. They told me they wouldn’t judge me—they lied. I thought we could convince the world that this wasn’t a crime. We were wrong. Time doesn’t stand still. The clock keeps ticking, the world is unconvinced, and now… Now he is gone.” 


LOST IN ME by Lexi Ryan — Recent Release

This “sexy amnesia love triangle” story is the first book of a series and the heroine doesn’t remember the last year of her life. They tell her she’s engaged to her “life-long crush—the gorgeous, unattainable Maximilian Hallowell” but she needs answers before she can marry him and “the only person who seems to have them is the angry, tatted, sexy-as-sin rocker Nate Crane” who wants her for himself!!


MUD VEIN by Tarryn Fisher — Recent Release (Read my review)

This is a fiction novel (not romance) but I loved it! ➜ “When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat…and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one. Only the truth can set her free.”


WRECK ME by Jessica Sorensen — New Pre-Order

This just got a pre-order link!! Technically, this is the 4th Nova series book but the author says that it can be read as a standalone. It tells Avery and Tristan’s story and I really love the sound of it based on the blurb!! Check it out at this link.


CROW’S ROW and SCARE CROW by Julie Hockley

Book #2 in this series, Scare Crow, has been released early!!! This story is the direct continuation of the story in Crow’s Row and be warned that the blurb for the second book has major spoilers for the ending of the first book so be sure to read Book #1 first!! – This series is a forbidden love story about a girl who witnesses a brutal killing and blacks out. When she wakes up, “she realizes she’s been kidnapped by a young crime boss and his gang” … The first book has now been re-released through a publisher. I originally read the first book back in 2012. Here’s my review based on the original version of it.




The first book of this second chance romance is on sale for $0.99 and the sequel was recently released!! I haven’t read these but they’re about a couple who were in love in a small town until something made the hero take off… Four years later she runs into him by chance only he now has a girlfriend…


‘TIL DEATH by SC Stephens — Recent Release

Til Death is the final book in SC Stephen’s CONVERSION trilogy!! This is a paranormal vampire romance series from the author of the Thoughtless trilogy. They should be read in order as they follow the same couple: #1 Conversion, #2 Bloodlines, #3 Til Death.


PRICE OF A KISS by Linda Kage — $0.99 Sale (My review)

Awww, this book was fun and swoony!! It’s a standalone where the heroine has a history of impossible relationships and the hero turns out to be a gigolo. Teehee!! ➜ “He could be my soul mate…except for one teeny tiny glitch. He’s a gigolo. Boy, do I know how to pick them.”


TALL, DARK, AND DANGEROUS by Lisa Renee Jones — $0.99 Series Sale Bundle

The three books in this series by Lisa Renee Jones (author of the Inside Out series) are bundled together on sale. I haven’t read them but they are all full-length novels and the series is about three brothers who run a security company together!! 


FORBIDDEN LOVE by Kendall Ryan — Series Bundle

Both books in the UNRAVEL ME series by Kendall Ryan have been bundled together under the new name FORBIDDEN LOVE. I haven’t read them but each book is about a different couple. The first one is about a psychology student who finds the perfect subject for her amnesia thesis – a young man without any memory of his previous life, including the murder he’s accused of committing. She’s drawn to him and begins to unravel who he was before, using his cryptic tattoos, and his paintings that scream of a dark past as her only clues… And the second book has a hero who is younger than the heroine, her next door neighbour, a fireman, and a virgin!! Oh my!! 

… Read More…

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Book Review — Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Book Review — Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

 “That’s right, girl. Fight me. Show me you give a damn.”

Well, I’m officially a new fan of Tessa Bailey!!

Unfixable was a fun, sexy, and light-hearted romance that kept a smile on my face from start to finish!! Honestly, it felt exactly like “reading” a romantic comedy movie — it had great banter, a hot hero, a snarky heroine, a little bit of drama thrown in and a happy ending. It was exactly what I was looking for right now!

The story was about Willa, a sarcastic American girl fresh off a bad break up who escaped away to Ireland (after winning a contest) to find herself again and get back in touch with the part of her that had been pushed away over the course of her failed relationship. The last thing she expected was to be greeted at the airport by a gorgeous dark haired, blue-eyed Irish guy with a thoroughly grouchy attitude who happened to not only own the inn she was staying at but also be a famous race car driver!

“In faded jeans and a bomber jacket, hair finger-mussed, he might as well be wearing a sign that says, I’m bad. But in a way that will make you feel really good.

Here’s one of the lines that made me chuckle ;)

“Is this about me ditching you and taking a cab from the airport? I’m not going to rat you out to the contest organizers. You’ll get your money.”

“I received it this afternoon, or you’d be looking for a new place to stay.”

“Heartwarming.” Jesus. And I though I was mean? “I thought Ireland was the last of one thousand welcomes.”

“I’m knocking it down to nine-hundred ninety-nine.”

I tilt my head. “Not quite as catchy.”

I absolutely loved the writing! It had me smiling, squeeing, chuckling, and laughing from the very beginning. Willa and Shane’s sexual chemistry mixed with their intense dislike of each other (at least at first) made for some hilarious scenes….

“If you seeing my underwear was the only thing preventing the destruction of planet Earth and the end of mankind as we know it, I would still have to think about it.”

I have to say though that I really like how, despite their attraction to each other, they didn’t just jump right into bed immediately. Willa had no intention of just having a casual fling no matter how hot the guy might be and while the romance reader in me might have been a little frustrated with her hesitation at times, the real life person in me was thinking attagirl!

Oh, and the ending was wonderful! Like I mentioned above, it totally felt like a “romantic comedy movie” type scenario. There was a little bit of drama, a few mistakes made, but then the rush to fix things and make everything right again was thrilling in a way that just kept a huge smile on my face.

All in all, this was a great little read. It was kind of on the shorter side (around 200 pages) but long enough to give a complete story. I loved the characters, swooned over the romance, laughed over the banter, and it left me feeling happy. I’d totally recommend giving this a try :)

Rating: 4+ stars. Standalone.

Also — this book was a standalone and was actually the first book I’ve read by this author but technically you first meet the heroine in the “Line of Duty” series (her sister is the heroine of the first book) and many readers have recommended them to me so I’ve linked them all up below here:

  1. Protecting What’s His (and a novella — #1.5 Protecting What’s Theirs)
  2. His Risk To Take
  3. Officer Off Limits
  4. Asking For Trouble
  5. Staking His Claim


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Who wants to win a Kindle Fire ???? :D

To celebrate reaching 30,000 Facebook Followers, I’ve decided to giveaway a Kindle Fire HD as well as some eBooks!! I’ve put together a list of a bunch of my favorites books (I do have many more favorites, but I ran out of room on the graphic) and 2 winners will be able to chose any book they want from it :)

But first, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who follow this page on Facebook. I love chatting with you all every day and sharing recommendations. I’ve always loved books but being able to have such an awesome group to talk about them with is just such a huge treat!! ♥

This giveaway is open Internationally because I want everyone to have a chance to win. The only thing is that the Kindle Fire  giveaway is just subject to Amazon’s shipping restrictions but if they ship to your country and you win, then it’s all yours! All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below…



Open Internationally (subject to Amazon’s shipping restrictions).
Void where prohibited by law. Must be over 18 to enter.
1 winner will get a Kindle Fire HD.
2 winners will get their choice of eBook from the ones listed above.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Book Review — Vital Sign by J.L. Mac

Book Review — Vital Sign by J.L. Mac

“Whether by design or just plain dumb luck, I’m the one who was meant to find all the pieces of you so that I might put them back together. Let me put you back together, Sadie.”

A beautiful, emotional story of finding second chances in the most unlikely of places.

From the moment I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. The synopsis made my heart squeeze and yet also gave me this jolt of excitement because this was a type of storyline I had never read before!!

The story followed a woman, Sadie, whose beloved husband, Jake, was murdered in front of her one hellish night. Now faced with a life without him, Sadie spiraled downward into depression. At only 26 years old, she already felt like her life was over and was filled with anger, resentment, and pain.

“Everyone was thrilled with where life was going and I was trying to adjust to sleeping alone…. I’m still here and I love my family. I just don’t love life at the moment.”

But Jake had been an organ donor and in a last ditch attempt to help bring her some closure, her family convinced her to try and reach out to some of the recipients in hopes that seeing their happiness would give her comfort. Sadie was sure this wouldn’t work though — how was it fair that they got to live but the love of her life didn’t? For her, knowing that they existed was in some ways even worse…

“How am I supposed to let go of Jake if there are pieces of him still out there, living on in some perfect stranger?”

She finally agreed to meet up with three of them. She didn’t believe it would help but she was trying to do it for her family’s sake. The first two meetings went well but didn’t help her in the least. The last meeting though was with the man who got Jake’s heart… and this line from the blurb gave me shivers!!

“The heart that once fell in love with her now resides in Alexander McBride’s chest.”

OMG!! And that was the line that sold me on the book!!

Looking back, I have to say that the description of Sadie’s emotional journey throughout this book was so well done. She went through the utterly devastating loss of her soul mate and while life went on for everyone around her, for her it stood still. I felt like I completely understood her pain and anger at facing the heart-breaking truth that nothing would ever bring her husband back. Nothing.

“A girl like me doesn’t lose a husband like Jake and recover from it.”

Only a few chapters in and I already had tears in my eyes. This book certainly tugged my heart strings many times over and I really appreciated that the first quarter of the book focused just on Sadie because it really gave me a chance to connect with her pain and feel where she was coming from so that by the time I met Alexander, I felt just as emotionally conflicted as she did.

From the first time I met him though, I had a huge smile on my face. He was nothing like what she expected and she had this kind of double emotional reaction to him — partly because he literally had a part of her husband in him, and partly because he was charming and she was drawn to him on his own merit as well.

“I can’t believe I’m standing here so close to Jake’s heart.”

As it turned out, there was a lot more to Alexander McBride than met the eye. His wild past had come to an abrupt end after his heart transplant and he’d retreated away from the world and his family to deal with his new lifestyle alone. I really fell in love with him though — he was sweet but with an edge of dominance and also an air of mystery… and I very much appreciated that after we met him, we got to see his POV.

“I’m the most fucked up person I know. I want her. I want the wife of the man who died and donated his heart so that I could go on with my screwed up existence. It doesn’t seem right even to an asshole like me.”

I loved the natural protectiveness he felt towards Sadie and I loved the way they just connected. But there were a lot of conflicting emotions in the mix and a lot of feelings to sort out between them.

“I want to be touched. I want to be held. I want Zander, the man carrying my husband’s heart, to wrap me up in him. I want to pretend for a while that I can have Jake back in the form of Zander.”

There were many emotionally charged scenes as Sadie struggled to find the balance between her love for and loyalty to her deceased husband as well as her growing attraction to and connection with the man who now had his heart.

“My attraction to Zander is so much more than physical, though. It’s all of him including the heart that is now, physically his. He carries it. He is responsible for taking care of it, but it wasn’t that long ago that I slept beside that heart every night. I took comfort in that heart. My world revolved around that heart. He carries it now, but I’ve carried that heart too. I was once responsible for seeing that it was kept safe. Just in a different way.”

Overall, this was a really sweet read. What I really appreciated about this story as a whole was that it was very low-angst and really just focused on these two characters finding their way in this difficult situation life had put them in. I also really liked that there was no ‘bad guy’ or any force that ever came between them allowing the main issue genuinely to revolve around the emotional conflict of the situation. I loved the way it all came together in the end and really felt like their story had come full circle.

“Some newly discovered part of me hopes that I’m the main character in Sadie’s ending. Not her happily ever after, because she’s already had one of those, but maybe I can be her second chance at happiness. I think she could be mine. I’d bet on it.”

Rating: 4 — 4.5 stars (closer to 4.5). Standalone (with epilogue).

My casting for Zander (Alexander McBride) – click here.


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Cover Reveal — DEEP (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott

Cover Reveal — DEEP (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott

Here’s the smokin’ hot cover of DEEP!!! This is the fourth and final novel in Stage Dive series and tells Ben’s story!!! Release date is December 23rd!! If you’re a rock star fan, this is a must-read series :)


One by one, the members of Stage Dive are falling in love. David, Mal, and Jimmy have all taken the plunge, and now it’s Ben’s turn—only he refuses to fall into that trap. The sexy bassist enjoys his no-strings-attached lifestyle. But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he’s always had a weakness for out of trouble in Sin City, he quickly learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay there.


Each book is a standalone about a different couple
but it is recommended to read them in order.

Stage Dive 1 — LICK – Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback

Stage Dive 2 — PLAY – Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback

Stage Dive 3 — LEAD – Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback
Release date: July 29, 2014

Stage Dive 4 — DEEP – Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback
Release date: December 23, 2014

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Upcoming Release Announcement: Cover Reveal & Excerpt — HAPPENSTANCE by Jamie McGuire

Upcoming Release Announcement: Cover Reveal & Excerpt — HAPPENSTANCE by Jamie McGuire

Check out the stunning new cover of HAPPENSTANCE by Jamie McGuire!!

This is the first of a New Adult contemporary romance novella series that will release May 9th. It will also have a big excerpt from BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION at the back of it so be sure to pre-order your copy!!


#1 New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire returns to self-publishing with this page-turning YA account of Erin Easter, one of three Erins in the small senior class of rural Blackwell High School who not only share a first name, but also their birthday. Erin Easter, raised by a neglectful single mom, keeps to herself and admires Weston Gates from afar. The other Erins, Erin A. and Erin M. are the darlings of the community: daughters of the two wealthiest families in town, best friends, cheerleaders, and everything Erin Easter isn’t–and they never let her forget it. Erin A. has even claimed Weston since the 8th grade.

Weston is a well-liked star athlete, and the son of two prominent attorneys. He struggles daily with the pressures of living up to his family name and secretly empathizes with Erin Easter’s feeling that she belongs somewhere else; in a different life. Not until he begins sneaking nights out with Erin does he gain the courage to buck expectations and acknowledge his feelings … both for his future, and for her.

But when a shocking tragedy rocks the tiny town, Erin’s life is turned upside down in the best way possible. But when the truth is revealed and everything Erin thinks she wanted falls into her lap, life only becomes more complicated.




“What are you reading?” A deep voice asked from the seat behind me.

I barely acknowledged Weston’s question, holding the cover of my book just high enough for him to see.

He nodded, waiting for me to speak. When I didn’t, he offered a small smile, and began to sit back. “What are you reading?” I asked.

Weston immediately leaned toward me, sharing his cover the way I had.

“Piers Anthony?” Weston cleared his throat to stifle a cough, and then smiled. “I like his stuff.”

I nodded. “I approve.”

“Good,” Weston whispered. “I was worried.” After a short pause, he leaned into my ear again. “Why don’t you ever talk to me in Art class?”

We had Art together in seventh period, the class I looked forward to all day. Weston was in there, but more importantly, people like the Erins and Brady weren’t. We were serious about our work, and it was the one place during the school day that I could be myself.

“I guess I was just busy.”

“Are you going to be busy today?”


“Well, maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll take a break.” I turned around to hide my grin, but not before glancing back and seeing the familiar look of hatred in Alder’s eyes.

Whore, she mouthed, glaring at me.


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Book Review — Room For More (Cranberry Inn #2) by Beth Ehemann

Book Review — Room For More (Cranberry Inn #2) by Beth Ehemann

“You are my future, Kacie. You’re my present and my future and if I could figure out a way to invent a damn time machine, you’d be my past.”

SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! Another winner!!

This was the perfect follow-up to Room For You. If you are new to the series though, be sure to read this after that one though because it directly continues the story of Brody and Kacie’s romance.

I described the first book as “a sweet, swoony, heart-melting, romance, perfectly balanced with just enough angst to keep me on my toes” and I felt exactly the same way about this book. It completed Brody and Kacie’s story beautifully and I am so happy to now call this one of my favorite series!

As a quick recap, Brody is a famous hockey player who meets Kacie, a single mom with two adorable little twin girls, by chance and falls for her and her daughters, who he affectionately calls his Twinkies ;) In this book we saw a continuation of their story as the summer came to an end and Brody’s hockey responsibilities began starting up again while Kacie was dealing with a complication from her past that showed up in her life… Nonetheless, they were both committed to making their new relationship work no matter what might come their way and in Room For More we got to watch them figured it all out together.

I really love this author’s writing. There’s a fluidity to it that just lets you get lost in the story. And, as with the first book, this one was told in alternating POVs giving us both sides of the story. Since I loved both Brody and Kacie, I was so happy to be able to see each of their perspectives on the romance.

Ohhh Brody…. If it was possibly to fall even more in love with him, I did in this book. His love for and commitment to these three girls just never stopped amazing me. There’s something about a guy who treats the children of the woman he loves as his own that is just so incredibly heart melting and powerful!!

“You have two very smart little girls… They see us hugging. They’ve seen me kiss you. They’re not stupid; they know what’s going on.”

“I know and I’m ok with that. I’m just worried about them getting too attached… Me too.”

“Kacie, get attached. Please, get attached. I sure as hell know I am. You’re what I want. You and the girls. This is it for me.”

And every single time he called her little girls his Twinkies, I swooned. Hard. Seriously, that has to be the cutest nickname in the history of nicknames!!! Just wait til you hear him say “Night, Twinkies!” <— *thud*

Now, I don’t want to say anything specific here because I don’t want to give anything away but there were some complications from Kacie’s past that came into play in this story and I’ll just say that I was fully expecting to feel a certain way about them and found myself pleasantly surprised that my earlier assumptions had been wrong. And even though it was certainly stressful at times, I really felt like it was real. It was a situation and reaction that I could totally see playing out the same way in real life and in the end, the way it all came together brought happy tears to my eyes.

I really just loved seeing them all figure out their place in each other’s lives. It was heartwarming to an extreme and the absolutely beautiful ending left me with the happiest feeling you can imagine.

About the series in general, I have to say that this truly is the kind of story that I think a lot of people will just fall in love with. It has realistic drama, great writing, loveable characters, and a romance that’ll sweep you away and being a smile to your face over and over again.

I’m now a huge fan of this author and she’s planning books for Viper and a few other side characters next! Personally I can’t wait for them!! They’re all auto-buys for me!

If you haven’t picked up this 2-book series yet, start now and fall in love with Brody Murphy!! If you’re looking for a gorgeous, heartfelt, swoon-filled romance, this is it!!!

Series rating: 5 stars!


This is a 2-book series about the same couple.

Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review

Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review


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Book Review — Room For You (Cranberry Inn #1) by Beth Ehemann

Book Review — Room For You (Cranberry Inn #1) by Beth Ehemann

 “Life is a sum made up of small parts, Kacie. Some are good; some are bad. You and the girls are definitely one of the good. The best good there is and I’ll fight like hell to keep you here.”

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!  It was a sweet, swoony, heart-melting, romance, perfectly balanced with just enough angst to keep me on my toes. Brody stole my heart and this book will definitely be going on my top favorites list!! 

As a little intro, the heroine is a single mom with two little twin girls, and the hero is a famous hockey player (but she doesn’t know that) and when a storm strands him at the Inn she runs with her mom and he has to stay a few days…. ok, and just get this — he calls her little girls his Twinkies!!! OMG *SWOON*

I knew from the start that this book was a winner. Only a few pages in and my heart was fluttering, I had a permanent smile on my face, and I just got completely swept away in the story. It had that totally sweet, happy, romantic bliss feeling to it —  the kind that just makes your heart feel full to bursting.

Brody was the biggest sweetheart you could ever imagine. He melted my heart and I literally could not stop swooning. Every time I thought he’d done the swooniest thing I could imaging, I turned the page and swooned even harder. This guy was caring and protective, but also patient and understanding. I loved how accepted all three of them into his heart and took up his self-appointed mission of bringing fun and happiness into their lives.

I loved that even though the connection between Brody and Kacie was strong from the start, there was no insta-love here. Kacie’s trust was severely damaged having had both her father and husband walk out on her, and Brody had never been in a serious relationship before. Plus there was the fact that with her daughters in the mix, they didn’t want to rush into anything that might upset their lives, so the romance really took the time to build at a very realistic pace.

“Did he kiss you?” 

“Nope, nada…It wasn’t like that, HE wasn’t like that. He was really sweet…but God, I felt it, Lex. Every time out bodies accidentally touched when he brushed past me and his hand rested on the small of my back and when he smiled at me across the dinner table – it was there. This ridiculous pull, this tension. It was totally there.”

I loved how Brody understood the hurt in Kacie’s past and was determined to work as hard as he needed to prove to her that he genuinely wanted to give them a serious shot. I’ll admit that there were times when I found Kacie’s fear of their relationship to be a little frustrating but I also found it understandable given how her badly the important men in her life had treated her.  But I loved Brody’s unwavering “we can do this together” attitude and I loved how he never gave up trying.

He took my face in both hands…”You’re not a conquest and I don’t play games. I told you I haven’t really ever done the girlfriend thing and you haven’t done the boyfriend thing in a long time. Let’s figure it out together.”

I also absolutely adored the way Brody was with Kacie’s little girls — watching over them, playing dress up with them, taking them puddle jumping and giving them a ride in the limo. I loved how respectful he was of Kacie’s relationship with her kids. He was falling in love with her but completely accepted her with them and was fully understanding that they were her first priority in life. Here’s one of the little scenes with the him and the twins…

“Brody, are you sick?” asked Piper.

“Yeah, do you have a fever?” Lucy asked, tugging on my shirt.

I bent down to her level as she felt my forehead. “Nope, not sick. Why?”

They looked at each other and shrugged.

“Mom was on the phone with Auntie Alexa and she said you were hot. If you’re hot, you have a fever. Do you need medicine?”

Isn’t that just adorable???

I honestly just loved this book from start to finish!! It was such a treat to just stumble across a book that gave me everything I could possibly want in a story. The writing just flowed – I loved the style and it kept me connected to the story the whole way through. I am also so happy to know that Brody and Kacie (and the Twinkies) will have their story continue in the sequel Room For More which is currently available for purchase. I will be diving into it as soon as I finish writing this!

I’ll admit that at first, I was going to go with 4.5 – 5 star rating but this is now the day after finishing my read that I’m writing this and I honestly when I think back on the story, all I can think of is how much I adored it so I’m going to go with a full 5 stars! This really was an absolutely gorgeous story. I am so glad I read it and highly recommend it for all fans of swoony romance!!

Rating: 5 stars


This is a 2-book series about the same couple.

Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review

Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review


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Book Review — MUD VEIN by Tarryn Fisher

Book Review — MUD VEIN by Tarryn Fisher

“That’s what it’s like to be a prisoner of anything. You want your freedom until you get it, then you feel bare without your chains.”


That was pretty much my response after finishing this book. Just woah. I didn’t even know what to say about it. What could I say that would properly convey my feelings about this book? I felt like my review should just have been 3 words and 2 hashtags:

JUST READ IT. #BringTissues #ItsComplicated

There are very few authors in the world whose books I will go into blind. Tarryn Fisher is one of them. She earned my trust with the Love Me With Lies series but in a different way than most authors. I basically just came to understand that the stories I’d get from her would be fantastically well-written and completely outside the box. I guess I felt a certain safety in that in a weird way — like, knowing it was outside the box allowed me the mental freedom to just let go of the things I usually hold onto and just experience the story for what it was. I will admit though that she told me to expect a non-traditional ending before I started and I think knowing that allowed me to just stop worrying, stop expecting something in particular from it and just read it for what it was. And as for what it was ….. well, it was one hell of an amazing story.

When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat…and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one.

Only the truth can set her free.

Mud Vein is not a fairy tale and honestly, it’s not really a romance either (at least not in the traditional way) even though it has very strong elements of love woven throughout it. The story unfolds in layers upon layers going forward and backward in time. With each layer, you discover a little more about the characters and what had shaped their lives. Some layers answered questions, others brought up new ones and, throughout it all, I remained riveted to the story.

I’m not going to say anything about the plot here and my strong advice is not to look up any spoilers. If you decide to read it, just dive right in. I’m the kind of reader who loves knowing in advance but I just dove in and loved my reading experience. But I will say that when you read it, pay attention to everything.

The story itself drew me in from the first page. By the end of the first chapter, my mind was spinning. By the end of the second one, I had full body shivers and was desperately trying to figure out what was happening. My mind was filled with questions and the more I discovered, the more questions I had.

I also just want to point out that despite the fact that there is a kidnapping, this is not a ‘disturbing’ story. It does have darker, very adult  themes but more than anything, it’s a complex journey of self discovery.

The story built in a very quiet way — it subtly snuck up on me, and when a tiny piece of the puzzle came into the light, it was epic. It hit me so hard. We’re talking chills, tears, everything.

Tarryn Fisher has an incredible talent for creating deeply flawed and complex characters that work their way into your heart. Regardless of whether you identify with them, you feel for them. You become wrapped up in their journey and you just feel connected. This book is cleverly written and perfectly paced. The layers built and wove together to create an intricate tale about what happens when the human mind and heart is put to a survival test.

When I was finished I just sat there with a heavy heart thinking back over the story. It hurt. As Tarryn has said, it was a non-traditional ending. But at the same time, it felt fitting for story. I went back and forth between denial and acceptance. I think sometimes though it’s about the journey, not the ending.

I give Mud Vein 5 stars for being incredibly well written, for stepping outside the box, for making me think, for making me feel (even if at times, I didn’t want to feel what I was feeling), and last but not least, for reminding me to appreciate every single moment of life.

“There is a string that connects us that is not visible to the eye. Maybe every person has more than one soul they are connected to, and all over the world there are those invisible strings… Maybe the chances that you’ll find each and every one of your soul mates is slim. But sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble across one. And you feel a tug. And it’s not so much a choice to love them though their flaws and through your differences, but rather you love them without even trying. You love their flaws.”

PS — if you want a feeling for the story listen to Landscape and Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine.

PPS — Many of you know that I like a very specific kind of book (and mostly they’re only romance). This is not a romance novel and I did not rate it “as” a romance. Everything about my preferences was thrown out the window when I read this book. I just went into it ready to accept whatever it was about and I strongly urge you to do the same.



The author has generously offered to give away a signed copy of Mud Vein.
Giveaway is open to US residents only.
One winner. Must be over 18 to enter. Void where prohibited by law.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Book Review — HOTHOUSE FLOWER (The Addicted Series) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Book Review — HOTHOUSE FLOWER (The Addicted Series) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

 Ryke Meadows, meet Daisy Calloway … she’s all grown up. 


EVERYONE SHOULD BE READING THIS SERIES!! The series as a whole stands out as one of the BEST New Adult romances I’ve ever read and Hothouse Flower had the perfect balance of a hot, sexy romance and a strong, well developed storyline. I adore these characters, I love the writing, and I’m completely ADDICTED to this series. 

Please note that this book should not be read on it’s own!! It is a part of the Addicted series (the fifth book in sequence) and I strongly recommend reading them in order. It is one continuous storyline that follows three main couples whose lives are all very closely connected and while each book in the series focuses a little more on one couple in particular, each one of the main six characters is an integral part of each book. So in order to get the complete picture and to feel all the feels, it’s best to read them in order (see below).

Ok… on to the review ;)

The story in Hothouse Flower focuses on Ryke Meadows — a 25 year old Alpha male — and Daisy Calloway — an 18 year old wild and fearless girl. When they first met, Daisy was 15 and Ryke was 22… but now it’s three years later and Daisy is all grown up! They’d been close throughout those three years but kept the extent of their closeness hidden from their friends and family, afraid that they would misinterpret it for more than the friendship-only basis they were at. The promise of anything between them was totally forbidden for so many reasons but that didn’t stop them from wanting more and even though they both knew they should try to move on, neither of them wanted to.

Despite being a famous model at a young age, growing up as the youngest Calloway daughter had taken it’s toll on Daisy and in an attempt to find her freedom, she headed off Paris alone to work Fashion Week there and hopefully gain back some of her independence. Back home, 25-year-old Ryke knew he should let her go, and continued to push back any feelings he had for her — knowing the severe backlash they’d receive if they ever allowed a relationship between them to develop. But when he recieved a distress call from Daisy, he dropped everything to go and help the girl who’d always been in his heart.

And…. I won’t say anything else but that stairwell scene???? *dies* Just WOW!!!!!


What I loved so much about Ryke and Daisy’s relationship was that despite the fact that they’d never been romantically involved before this point, they’d build a very solid friendship over the past 3 years which really strengthened their bond and made their connection go far deeper than just their mutual attraction.

But ho boy, their attraction and chemistry just sizzled!!!! No matter how much they (well, Ryke specifically) tried to keep them “just friends”, each of their interactions was so powerfully charged. I mean HOLY SEXUAL TENSION!!!!! I was already fanning myself before they’d ever even kissed!!

“She likes to tease, to see how far she can push me, and I’ve never had a girl play with me like that, with confidence that radiates. It drives me fucking nuts, and I find myself wanting to be around her even more, seeking those give-and-take moments and her fucking joy.

But there’s a silent understanding between us. We both know we can’t cross a certain line.”

I’ve always loved Ryke. He’s like the heart and muscle of the Addicted group. He cares so much for everyone and yet acts like he doesn’t give a fuck. And I loved especially how with Daisy, the depth of his caring for her over the years was even deeper because it came without the expectation of anything ever happening between them. He was a protector by nature and his personality was the perfect counterbalance to Daisy who was such a wild and fearless girl. She lived each day in the moment. She was a risk-taking daredevil — the kind of girl who wouldn’t think twice before leaping off a cliff for fun and Ryke was the kind of guy who’d jump right after her without a second thought. They were just perfect for each other.

“What we fucking have,” he said. ” I love you beyond physical attraction.” He cups my smooth cheek, looking deep into my eyes. “I love you, Dais, because you’re the wildest fucking girl with the biggest fucking heart. And without you in my life” — he shakes his head like it’s an inconceivable picture — “I’d be the unhappiest fucking guy… I fucking love you, sweetheart.”

I was full invested in ever word of the story. Oh, and the last 20% of the book especially was just one big reveal or omigosh moment after another. Like really — my heart was pounding!!!!!!!! And while there was a wrapped up ending with no cliffhanger, there were also some new developments that beautifully set up the last two books of the series which’ll be released in the next few months. I absolutely adore the direction the story is heading in and I can’t wait to read more!

I also want to mention how refreshing it is that there is literally no “drama for drama’s sake” in this entire series. Don’t get me wrong, the situations in the book had my heart lodged firmly in my throat on several occasions but each of those situations made perfect sense for the characters and the storyline. I really have so much respect for these authors and the way they have orchestrated and written this series.

And another thing I love is that this series has no cheating or love triangles (omg — the relief!!!!) and once these couples get together, they stay together. It’s about the relationship, about strengthening their bonds, about getting through things together. These are the kinds of relationships I most love to read about — the kind where it’s “them against the world” and not “them against each other”. This series is literally everything I love most about romance rolled into one fantastically written story.

I mean, even though in the beginning of the story, Daisy and Ryke were in denial of their feelings for each other, it made perfect sense for where they were at in their lives. Plus it served to build the sexual tension between them to epic levels so that by the time they came together, it was just explosive!!! And my gosh was it ever HOTTTTT. I mean really. This is about as hot as I’ve ever seen New Adult romance. Trust me, you will be fanning yourself for pages on end!!… But most of all, I adored that once they were together, they were genuinely together. No bullshit, no drama, no stupid fights. Just them making it work no matter what came their way.

“I am so emotionally involved with that girl… I want to be the one to hold her in my arms. I want to comfort her until she reanimates in pure fucking happiness. I don’t want to miss a day with her… And I can’t take back these feeling.”

And finally, I have to mention one more reason I love this series which is that even though the focus of this book was Daisy and Ryke, as with all the previous books in the series, all the main couples were heavily featured — Lily & Lo, and Rose & Connor are in at least half the scenes of this book. The deeply interconnected network of friends, family, and lovers that this series has is so fantastically done. They all have each other’s backs and have built such a strong, unwavering support system for each other. Yes, they bicker and tease but they’re always united against an outside threat and are incredible caring and protective of each other. And there’s just this brutal honesty and openness between them that is so deeply heartwarming. Each of them has their own special and unique relationship or bond to the other and the dynamics as they all play off each other is just gold!!!! Without a doubt, the Addicted series has one of the strongest, most endearing and well developed ensemble of characters I’ve ever read.

*happy sigh*

The Addicted series started strong and it just keeps getting better and better. These characters feel so real to me and I am fully invested in their stories. The writing is fantastic, the romance is hot, the character building is phenomenal, and with each book the story keeps my heart racing from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of New Adult romance, THIS is a series you should be reading.  

Rating: 5 stars!!!



As I mentioned above, the books this series should be read in order as they tell one continuous story. A huge part of why I am so in love with and so addicted to this series is because I know these characters. I’ve been through their ups and downs, I’ve seen their struggles and triumphs, and so each new development in their story has a lot of meaning to me. Everything carries more weight because I know what these guys have been through to get where they are. In my opinion, these characters deserve to have their story appreciated to the max, and that will come with reading the books in order.  So yeah, epic feels if you read all the books in order. Trust me ;)

If it helps to know…

The Addicted series has a core cast of 6 friends (3 couples): Lily & Lo, Rose & Connor, and Daisy & Daisy.

  • The first three books (Addicted To YouRicochetAddicted For Now) complete one story arc (Lily & Lo’s) so they have their own, happy & resolved ending after Addicted For Now.
  • Then the next book (Kiss The Sky) continues that storyline but from a different perspective (Rose & Connor’s) and while it focuses on their story, it also continues the journey of all the main characters that we’ve been introduced to. It has it’s own HEA.
  • The next book (Hothouse Flower) is the same deal but focuses on a different couple (Ryke & Daisy) while continuing the stories of all 3 couples as well.
  • Then the last two books (Thrive & Addicted After All) will go back to focusing on Lily & Lo while still continuing the story of all 3 couples and will also have the big series finale ending.

It is perfectly safe to jump in and start reading this series now. You will not be left hanging! I promise. Cross my heart. No cliffhangers where the story is at now! And – please please please start reading these books, guys. They are just wonderful!!! :D


*** These books should be read in order ***

Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read My Review
Lily & Lo’s perspective

Buy for Kindle | Buy in PaperbackRead My Review
Full length companion novel – do not skip!!

Buy for Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review
Lily & Lo’s perspective

Buy for Kindle | Buy in PaperbackRead my Review
Rose & Connor’s perspective

Buy for Kindle

Daisy & Ryke’s perspective

Full length companion novel – April/May 2014

Lily & Lo’s story — series finale – June/July 2014



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