Black Friday sales are here!!! (and new books have just been added)

For the next several days, I’ll be keeping this list constantly updated with the latest book sales, price drops, and limited time deals!! Be sure to check back frequently and remember that many of these sales are very rare so if there’s a book you’ve been waiting on, be sure to grab it!! Happy reading :D


Limited time prices. Subject to change at any time!



Limited time only!!



Wallbanger and Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

Woohoo!! The first 2 books in this HILARIOUS (and sexy) series are ON SALE for $2.99 + $2.00 (regularly $7.59).

“Now, you listen, mister.” I said, trying for a more adult tone. “I’m not going to spend every night listening to you try to crash your girl’s head through my wall with the force of your dick alone! No way, buddy.”


Cranberry Inn Series — $0.99 Sale 

::: Top recommendation ::: This SWOONY, heart-warming series is on a $0.99 sale now. It’s about a famous hockey player who falls for a single mom and her little twin girls (or, his Twinkies ;) ). 5 STARS!!! Get these!
Book 1, Book 2, Novella.


Sea Breeze Series by Abbi Glines

Abbi Glines fans!! 3 standalones in this series are on sale for a limited time. They’re each worth $7-8.

#1 – Breathe ($1.99)
#7 – Bad For You ($2.00)
#8 – Hold On Tight ($1.99)


AXEL, CAGE, BECK — Series Sale 

Alpha male fans!!! The first three standalones in one of FAVORITE series are now on sale for only $0.99 each (reg. $3.99). These are must-reads for fans of badass alpha male romance. I loved them all!! Highly recommended.


Thompson Sisters SeriesSale!!

This is a highly-rated series of interconnected standalones. They’re beautifully written and emotional romances. It’s best to read them in order. Regular price is $2.99-$3.99.
Book 1, Book 2, Novella, Book 3.


Rachel’s Peril SeriesSale!!

This is a romantic suspense trilogy that spins off of the Thompsons Sisters series (listed above). It’s highly rated and all the books are both available and on sale. Regular price is $3.99 each and they should be read in order: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3


Dearest Clementine and Finding Dandelion — Series Sale 

Both standalones in this series are on sale!! These are highly-rated New Adult romances. They can either be read alone or in order. I’ve really enjoyed the first book and can’t wait to read the second one. The hero of the first book is a “sexy guitarist” and the hero of the second is a “soccer star”…


Sweet Addiction and Sweet Possession — Series Sale 

Both books in this highly rated series are on sale!! These should be read in the order listed.

The heroine has the best sex of her life with a stranger at her ex’s wedding and he falls for her… This is “the story of one woman’s struggle to keep things casual, and one man’s desire to never let her go.”


Changing Course by Aly Martinez$0.99 Sale!!

SQUEE!!! This is one of my favorite standalones and it’s now only $0.99!! I absolutely LOVED it!! It had the perfect balance of heart wrenching angst, smoking hot romance and humor, along with a to-die-for Alpha hero and a completely unique storyline unlike any other book I’d read. I just love the protective, tortured heroes… *dreamy sigh* …. They make my heart melt!!!
Read My Review.


Cherry Girl by Raine Miller$0.99 Sale!!

This second chance romance standalone sounds so good!! It’s loosely connected with the Blackstone Affair series (this hero is friends with that hero) but it can be read completely alone.

“He’s a soldier who has endured years of longing and sacrifice to wait for her. He’s fought his way through battles before and this is one he can’t afford to lose…”


Marked Men series by Jay CrownoverSeries Sale!!

OMG!! HUGE SERIES SALE!!! Four books in the MARKED MEN series are on sale now including the latest one, Rowdy!!!! Each is priced different but regular price is $4.74 so they’re all discounted. From bad boys, to rock stars, soldiers, & more, this is a great series of interconnected standalone romances!!!

Series reading order (all on sale): #1 Rule, #2 Jet, #3 Rome, #4 Nash, #5 Rowdy.


Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover $2.00 Sale!!

OMG. Colleen Hoover fans, this is the lowest price Maybe Someday has ever been since it’s release!! ** Only $2.00 (reg. $7.59) ** It’s a gorgeous standalone romance and one of my top fav recommendations!! 5 STARS!! (My Review)

“If there are two people in this world capable of finding a way to love each other, it’s us.”


Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire$2.00 Sale!!

OMG. Maddox fans, this is Trent’s book and it’s on sale for the first time!!

As the baby sister of four rowdy brothers, Cami believes she’ll have no problem keeping her new friendship with Trenton Maddox strictly platonic. But when a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever—even if she is the only reason their already broken family could fall apart.


Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss – $0.99 Sale!!

LMAO!! This book was hilarious!!! It was a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy between a sassy heroine in Witness Protection and the badass Special Agent assigned to protect her. But when the location of their safe house is compromised, he takes her with him deep in the Texas backwoods to hide…

The banter between these two had me smiling and laughing non-stop. If you’re looking for something FUN, this is it!!! — This is a standalone. (Read my Review)


Power Players by Cassia Leo$0.99 Series Sale!!

WOW!! Four sinful erotic romance series for $0.99 total. That’s 1389 pages!!

Included in this bundle:
• CHASE: Complete Series (174 pages)
• LUKE: The Complete Series (416 pages)
• KNOX: Complete Series (347 pages)
• UNMASKED: The Complete Series (452 pages)


The Ready Series$0.99 Series Sale!!

The first three standalone books in this highly-rated series are now bundled together on sale for only $0.99 in total (worth $10.97). They’ve been recommended to me so many times!!! Don’t miss this!!

“It has to be all or nothing. And I want all of you. When you cry, I want to be the one holding you. No matter the reason. So please, let me hold you.”


Remember When Trilogy by T.Torrest $2.99 Sale Bundle!!

This complete second chance romance trilogy is now bundled together on sale with bonus content for $2.99 (worth $10.97). This sale is limited time ONLY and will not going back to this price for a while so if you’re interested, grab it now!

“You know how sometimes, your high school crush grows up to become an insanely famous actor? Okay. Probably not. But I do.”


The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred – $0.99 sale & recommendation!

This is one of my all-time favorite second chance love stories. It’s one of those hidden gems with an unforgettable story!! It’s a beautifully written, intense, and highly emotional standalone that is both heart wrenching and heart warming. 5 STARS!!! And, it’s ONLY $0.99!!! Read my review.

“You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted, Alix, the only one I’ll ever want. That’s a promise.”


Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren$2.00 Sale!!

This book from my TBR is on SALE for $2 (reg. $7.59)!

“I catch only when he says my name, but otherwise have to trust that he’s relaying everything accurately. I imagine it goes something like, “The sex was great and then we got married and now she’s here! Help me! She won’t stop throwing up, it’s incredibly awkward… Is there a service by which we ship wayward American girls back to the States?”


The Dare by Rachel Van Dyken$0.99 Sale!!

This sounds FUN!! The heroine wakes up next to a sexy state senator but neither of them remember anything about the last night… In order to hide them from the media, they’re sent to Hawaii and then there’s something about a spider attack… a donkey ride from hell… and an unfortunate episode with Viagra tea… — LOL!!!

This can be read as a standalone (no cliffhanger).


The King by JR Ward$2.00 Sale!!

WOAH. Black Dagger Brotherhood fans, THE KING is ON SALE!!! It was released at $11.99 and now it’s just $2.00!! This is the newest book in the series and is about Wrath & Beth. If you were waiting for a sale, this is it!!

This is a highly popular paranormal romance (badass Alpha vampires) series of interconnected standalones. I honestly think that even if you’re not a paranormal reader, you’ll still love these! Here’s the series reading order.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - $2.99 Sale!!

This is such an incredible story!! Powerful, heart-breaking, and bittersweet but also oddly heartwarming. Absolutely unforgettable for sure. I think it’s impossible to come away from this without an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the blessings in your life. I’m SO glad I finally worked up the courage to read it and it’s ON SALE now!! – Read my review. — “I had a hundred and seventeen days in which to convince Will Traynor that he had a reason to live.”


Bang Bang by Rachel Van Dyken$0.99 Sale!!

This Mafia-themed romance is a part of the Eagle Elect series but can also be read as a standalone. And, its only $0.99 right now!!

He was my best friend. Until he became my enemy. All within the span of one night. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. This is the Mafia. He was dead. Now he’s back. Alive. And he wants something… Me.


Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken — $0.99 Sale!!

This is a standalone Mafia-themed romance series, Eagle Elect. — “I killed my father in cold blood and lost my soul… And [my best friend's sister] just ripped my heart out and asked me to hold it in my hands while she put bullets through it. I’m cursed so I did it. I’m numb so I held it. I’m wicked so I liked it… Welcome to the Dark Side of the Family.”

#1 Elite, #2 Elect, #3 Entice ($0.99 standalone), #4 Elicit ($0.99 standalone).


Thin Love by Eden Butler$1.99 Sale!!

This standalone comes recommended by one of my favorite authors, Penelope Douglas (she said 5 stars!! “Read this in one sitting! Without a doubt, my favorite dynamic of bad boy meets feisty good girl. Superb writing!”) and it sounds really good!! It’s a second chance romance. The hero is an NFL player… and he’s reconnecting with the girl he lost sixteen years ago…

“Love isn’t supposed to be an addiction. It isn’t supposed to leave you bleeding.”


Savior Boxed Set by Lesley Jones$0.99 Sale!!

$0.99 SERIES BUNDLE!! This complete contemporary romance series (2 full length books) is now bundled together on sale for only $0.99 (worth $7.98).

It’s “the story of two broken people, trying to find a way forward together after being let down in the worst possible ways”… and I really loved another book by this author.


Incandescent by River Savage$0.99 Sale!!

Biker fans!! This has been recommended to me so many times by readers and it’s currently on sale for only $0.99. It has really high ratings and the Alpha hero is the Club President. He’s described as “crass, obnoxious and dangerously sexy”… and he’s also single dad to his son.

This is the first book in a series of standalones.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – $2.99 Sale!!

Oooh!!! I’ve had this book on my TBR for ever and ever and it’s ON SALE!!! I don’t read a lot of thrillers but I’m definitely going to make an exception for this one just because everyone’s talking about it (and ‘cuz I really want to read the book before I let myself see the movie) so this sale is perfect!!!

It’s a standalone.


Crow’s Row by Julie Hockley$2.51 Sale!!

I read this back in 2012 (the original version) and now it’s been re-released and re-edited along with expanded detail AND it’s on sale for $2.51 (reg. $7.55)!!

This is a forbidden love story about a girl who witnesses a brutal killing and blacks out. When she wakes up, “she realizes she’s been kidnapped by a young crime boss and his gang” …


Be With Me by J. Lynn$1.25 Sale!!

Woohoo!! This is the second standalone romance in this very popular New Adult series. I read the first one and LOVED it. Here are all the books in the series: Wait For You (standalone), Trust In Me (alt. POV of book 1), Be With Me (standalone), Stay With Me (standalone)..

“All he can think about is kissing the one girl who could ruin everything for him.”


Full Measures by Rebecca Yaros$0.99 Sale!!

This highly-rated standalone is only $0.99!

After soldiers being news of her dad’s death, Ember has to “singlehandedly care for her crumbling family when her mom falls apart… Then Josh Walker enters her life. Hockey star, her new next-door neighbor… He has a way of erasing the pain [and] she can’t deny their intense attraction. Until Josh’s secret shatters their world…”


Forever Jack (Eversea #2) by Natasha Boyd$0.99 Sale!!

The second book in this 2-book series is now just $0.99 (reg. $3.99). The first one was on sale a few weeks ago so now you can grab the sequel.

“A feisty small-town girl and the Hollywood star who broke her heart. An all-consuming love threatened by fame. One last chance at forever…”

#1 Eversea, #2 Forever Jack.


Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon - Series sale!!

The first and newest books in this awesome series are now on sale!! The new book was $12 too! This is an epic romance historical fiction romance now turned into a hit TV series!!

Book #1: Outlander
Book #8: Written In My Own Heart’s Blood
Full series: Click here


His Secretary Undone by Melanie Marchand$0.99 Sale!!

Hee!!! This sounds FUN!!!! — I’m about to throw an ashtray at my boss’s head.

The heroine find out that her “maddeningly sexy, pissant billionaire bad boy BOSS who thinks he runs her life” is actually the author of all of her most favorite steamy romance novels…And to make matters worse, he needs me to impersonate “Natalie” at a series of book signings. But, of course, that’s only if I want to keep my job. On second thought, I’m going to need something heavier than an ashtray.


Ace’s Redemption by A.C. Bextor$0.99 Sale!!

EX-BIKER ALERT!! This is only $0.99 and has high ratings!! The hero leaves behind his MC and takes a woman from that life with him to help her get her son back… And she has a hope that “one day he’d love me for who I was, not the broken girl he tried so desperately to save.”

This is the first standalone in a new series that is a spin-off of this MC series (you do not need to read this series first): Book 1, Book 2, Book 3.


DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning$1.99 Sale!!

This is the first book of one of my top favorite paranrmal romance series and it’s ON SALE for only $1.99 (reg. $5.99). This is a complete series and it has one of THE ultimate Alpha male heroes!!! I highly recommend this whole series!!!

“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.”


The McCallans Boxed Set by Hadley Quinn $2.99 Sale Bundle!!

These 3 “sexy New Adult romances” have been bundled together on sale for $2.99 (worth $6.97). Each book is a standalone about a different couple.

The heroes are three rebellious guys from Hollywood families (a stuntman, a bad boy, and an outsider) and the stories are “laced with love, humor, and mystery”…



Real Ugly by C.M. Stunich$0.99 Sale!!

This is the first book in the Hard Rock Roots (NA rock star romance) series.
Contains sex, drugs, violence, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Turner Campbell is an asshole. I f*cking hate him. But I can’t get enough either. He sings like an angel and f*cks like a devil. If I could, I’d run away and never look back because to tell you the truth, I think this man might be the death of me.


The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre$2.99 Sale!!

This is romantic suspense thriller is usually $9.99, but it’s on sale for only $2.99 if you want a copy. I read and loved another book by this author!

“My life, inside this apartment is simple. It works, as long as I follow the rules: Don’t leave the apartment. Don’t get attached to clients. Don’t kill anyone. My life, inside this apartment was simple, and it worked. Then, I started breaking rules.”


Love Realized by Melanie Codina$0.99 Sale!!

I love the sound of this book!!! — She’s owned his heart since the day he met her but after seeing her fall in love with his best friend, he locks away his deeper feelings for her and just remains a close friend. But when her marriage falls apart, he isn’t about to let her slip away again…

This is the first standalone in a series of standalones.


Reclaiming The Sand by A. Meredith Walters$0.99 Sale!!

This is still on sale and it’s a really wonderful book. The hero is Autistic and some of the subject matter is tough but it’s a beautifully written story and the author really has an extraordinary ability to take difficult topics and present them in a candid, yet deeply respectful manner. (My Review)

“You will hate me. You will love him. I love him. He has changed my world.”


Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia$0.99 Sale!!

I read this book a while back and it’s on sale right now!!

He counts her smiles every day at the train station. And each time, she acknowledges him — just like she does everyone else on the platform. But he is not like the others. Memories of a broken childhood have robbed him of peace and right now… he’s homeless.


Three Rivers by Chloe Barlow$0.99 Sale!!

This was recommended to me by a reader who said it made her ugly cry!! I love emotional reads so I grabbed a copy! — It can be read as a standalone.

… after her husband’s sudden death, she’s convinced her heart died along with him. Despite her best efforts, Althea can’t resist Griffen’s charm or his intriguing proposition – if she agrees to a no-strings affair with him for the two weeks he’s in town, he swears he’ll walk away when their time is up…


Better When He’s Bad by Jay Crownover $1.99 Sale!!

This book from my TBR is still on sale!!! — “There’s a difference between a bad boy and a boy who’s BAD… He just got out of prison and is looking for answers when he meets HER…

This is the first standalone in the Welcome To The Point series. It’s usually $4.74 so be sure to grab a copy if you’ve been meaning to read it!


Unfixable by Tessa Bailey $0.99 Sale!!

This is a FUN, sexy, light-hearted romance about a sarcastic American girl fresh off a bad breakup who goes to Ireland and falls for a famous race car driver “with a bad attitude that rivals her own”…

Honestly, it felt exactly like “reading” a romantic comedy movie — it had great banter, a hot hero, a snarky heroine, a bit of drama and a HEA. (Read my Review)


Forever Dark and Forever Light$0.99 Sales!!

This is pretty cool concept. These 2 books (written by different authors) follow the same timeline but are about different couples. Both heroes are college football players. One tragic night changes all their lives. In one book, “he’s reminded of the girl he used to know,” and in the other she’s “trying to hold on to the boy who stole her heart” …




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Book Review — The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

Book Review — The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

“This is the story of a love with no end…”

“If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.”

Someone found him in a laundry basket at the Quick Wash, wrapped in a towel, a few hours old and close to death. They called him Baby Moses when they shared his story on the ten o’clock news – the little baby left in a basket at a dingy Laundromat, born to a crack addict and expected to have all sorts of problems. I imagined the crack baby, Moses, having a giant crack that ran down his body, like he’d been broken at birth. I knew that wasn’t what the term meant, but the image stuck in my mind. Maybe the fact that he was broken drew me to him from the start.

It all happened before I was born, and by the time I met Moses and my mom told me all about him, the story was old news and nobody wanted anything to do with him. People love babies, even sick babies. Even crack babies. But babies grow up to be kids, and kids grow up to be teenagers. Nobody wants a messed up teenager.

And Moses was messed up. Moses was a law unto himself. But he was also strange and exotic and beautiful. To be with him would change my life in ways I could never have imagined. Maybe I should have stayed away. Maybe I should have listened. My mother warned me. Even Moses warned me. But I didn’t stay away.

And so begins a story of pain and promise, of heartache and healing, of life and death. A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings.

But most of all… a love story.

NOTE: If you want to go into this book 100% blind, then just click here to purchase and don’t bother reading any reviews. However, the genre of the book is not what it seems to be. The genre was something I wish I’d personally known in advance of reading. If you’d like to know what genre to expect from the book, then read on. Nothing I mention is a twist. It’s just literally what this book is about.

First and most importantly, I want to say that Amy Harmon is an incredibly gifted author. The way she writes is absolutely beautiful. I love her style, I love the unique quality that each of her stories have, and I will always auto-buy any book she writes.

However, with this book, there was a crucial element not mentioned in the blurb that held me back from fully connecting until after the 50% mark and that is that this is a paranormal story and there was no indication of that anywhere. The hero has a special ability which is revealed quite early on and, as the book progresses, becomes a stronger and stronger part of the story. Moses can literally see the dead. For real. He sees them, communicates with them, and paints images of the memories they show him. This is a huge part of the book and, for me at least, “genre” is something I really want to know before starting.

If I had been told it was paranormal from the start, then I have no doubt I would have connected quite easily to the story. There’s a certain mindset that you get when you read paranormal where you instantly become accepting of what happens because you know that the story is no longer confined to the natural laws of our real world. But because this book is not classified as paranormal and because there are no hints of anything “otherworldly” in the blurb, that told me that this was a “real world” story. So as I read, I kept trying to figure out how this guy seeing the dead could possibly fit into our real world. Was he crazy? Was it just in his mind? What was happening? … About halfway in, I accepted that it had be paranormal for sure (because enough people knew that Moses could see and communicated with the dead so the whole “he’s crazy” possibility was out) and from that point on, I really began to enjoy the story much more.

“There was a Times article about him and about his ability to “paint for the dead,” and People magazine had done a small feature about the “other-worldly brilliance of Moses Wright.”

Aside from this, I really enjoyed the whole story itself. It started out when they were teens in a small town. Moses’ past was well known by all the locals and now that he was older, he was the guy everyone warned Georgia away from — an unwanted child who then turned into a misunderstood teen with a juvie record and abilities that no one could understand and what seemed like a blatant disregard for the law. But she ignored all the warnings and followed her heart. And her heart always led her straight to him.

“Maybe it was being seventeen, maybe it was first love, or first lust. Maybe it was just hot. But I wanted him with a desperation that consumed me. I had never wanted anything so much in my life. And I couldn’t imagine wanting something so much ever again.”

In the second half of the story, there’s also a turning point in the plot. As the blurb hints, this is in fact a second chance romance — which is a type of story I absolutely love. I love the emotions brought about from reunions. I love everything about seeing a couple who truly belongs together reconnecting. And I also most certainly love Amy Harmon’s writing so the second half of the book was really great reading for me.

“Georgia had haunted me for more than six years, and from the look on her face when I’d stepped on the elevator, my memory hadn’t left her alone either.”

There’s also a lot more than just a romance. It’s not just about them, it’s also a lot about him. Moses’ journey itself is an integral part of the story. And there’s also a murder mystery threaded throughout the whole book which was really well done — especially the way it all came together at the end. I got chills!

There’s no denying that this is a really great book — with beautiful writing, a well developed plot, an emotional strength, and an original idea. I really do wish I had known about the paranormal elements before I read the book. I think if I had known the genre from the start, I’d have given it a 4.5 star rating.

Several of you have also asked me about the ending so I’m here to reassure you that you will be just fine. While there certainly is heartbreak and loss, I promise that there’s also happiness and healing.

“I hope you can forgive me. Because this is happening.
Me and Georgia. This is happening.”

Here are my 5 Greats about The Law Of Moses:

  1. Unique concept
  2. Beautiful writing
  3. Gorgeous romance
  4. Fully resolved storyline
  5. Strong message about forgiveness

Standalone with paranormal elements.


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Here are this week’s latest new releases, sales, and recommendations!!!! ENJOY :D

**Note: BLACK FRIDAY SALES HAVE STARTED!!! I’ll keep this list updated all through the weekend with the latest book deals so be sure you check the sales section below!! These are limited time deals!!

Skip to: New Favorites | New Releases | Sales & Price Drops | Pre-orders | Recent Reviews | Book Lists


Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover — (Read my review)

*SQUEE* Colleen Hoover just released this SURPRISE novella!!! It’s a fun, sexy, light-hearted spin-off of Maybe Someday (a standalone).

Tensions run high and tempers flare as the two can hardly stand to be in the same room together. But he has a theory about her: anyone who can hate with that much passion should also have the capability to love with that much passion. And he wants to be the one to test this theory.


Captivated by You by Sylvia Day — (Read my Review)

GIDEON CROSS FANS!! This is the highly anticipated 4th Crossfire book and I absolutely loved it!! The Crossfire series continues to be one of my Top 5 favorite series and this book was another winner!! Both the Kindle and paperback copies are out now. Also, if you haven’t read them yet, click here for the first 3 books.

“You’ll never be without me. We’re going to grow old together. Die together. I’m not going to live a single day without you.”


Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven — (Read my Review)

SQUEE!! I finished an early copy of this book absolutely LOOOOVED it!!! It’s a new top favorite. Easily 5 STARS for me!!! It was this INTENSE “hate-to-love-each-other”, dysfunctional-but-can’t-stay-away, love-you-forever-no-matter-how-painful type of love story. It just had this SPARK to it that made my heart RACE!! It’s a second chance romance with a moody, brooding, tortured bad boy hero. It will be released next month and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! — Pre-order here (Dec 23)


Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn — (Read my Review)

HOLY HELL. This book. WOAH. I could NOT put it down!!! It was gritty, dark, dangerous, intense, shocking, addictive, raw, emotional, captivating… just everything!!! A complex, multi-layered story with AMAZING writing and surprising twists and turns. If you’re looking for an unputdownable book, then this is it!

On May 15, 1975, fifteen-year-old Ginny is abducted from a convenience store by a member of one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs…



The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon — New Release!!

This is new standalone with paranormal elements. It’s beautifully written and tells a very unique story. If you want to know more, you can read my review

Moses was a law unto himself. Maybe I should have stayed away. Maybe I should have listened. My mother warned me. Even Moses warned me. But I didn’t… A story of pain and promise, of heartache and healing, of life and death. But most of all… a love story.


Take Me To Paradise by Olivia Cunning — New Release!!

Rock star fans!!! This is a brand NEW Sinners On Tour book!! It’s about Brian & Myrna. They want a baby and go on a long overdue honeymoon!!

Technically, this is #7 in the series. If you have’t read any of these ridiculously HOT steamy books yet, you can buy the complete set in a big sale bundle for $7.99 (worth $19.97). Enjoy ;)


Hard To Come By by Laura Kaye — New Release!!

This is the latest book in a highly rated romantic suspense series about four ex-soldiers who run a renegade operation against an organized crime ring out of the back of a tattoo shop…

It is recommended (but not necessary) to read the books in this series in order: Hard As It Gets, Hard As You Can, Hard To Hold On To, Hard To Come By.


Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen — New Release!!

This is a story about Ella and Micha’s daughter and Lila and Ethan’s son from The Secret Series but the blurb is very clear that it can be read on it’s own! If you’re like to read The Secret Series first though, just click here for the first book (I loved it).

“Mysterious, sweet, and sad, he’s the exact opposite of her and exactly what she needs…”


Trashed by Jasinda Wilder — New Release!!

This is a full-length standalone contemporary romance between a college student and a famous Hollywood action star!!

“She doesn’t know how sexy she is, and that’s it’s own kind of beauty… I want her. I can’t forget her, no matter how I try. And the next time we run into each other, I know there’s no way I can let her go again. No matter what…”


Til Death by Bella JewelNew Release!!

This is the first of a 2-book series and the blurb says that it’ll contain a HEA at the end.

“There’s a fine line between love and hate… He came in like a handsome stranger and blew me off my feet. I fell madly in love, like the naive girl I am. Then he left me high and dry… He has to pay. And pay he will.”


Roomies by Lindy Zart — New Release!!

Here’s a new release about a girl who falls for her roommate… and his bad boy brother!! — PS: The author notes that this is NOT a love triangle.

“He’s my roommate, my personal eye candy… I love him. I mean, I’m pretty sure I do, having never been in love before… And now his brother is here. Sarcastic, brooding, and totally available. But he’s leaving soon… Here’s a toast to roomies; the ones you should never fall in love with…”


Snare by Clarissa WildNew Release!!

Ok, this sounds really intriguing!! It’s a new dark romance suspense trilogy. The prequelis free and the first book (this one) was just released!

“My life ended when I came back from vacation. All I remember is him. But all I know about him is his name. Stuck in this mental institution, I don’t care that they say he doesn’t exist, I will find him, no matter the cost.”


The Jeweler by Beck AndersonNew Release!!

This sounds cute and different! The hero owns a jewelry store. He’s cynical, jaded, and doesn’t believe in love, but is happy to sell an eager young guy an engagement ring… until moments later when that guy is hit by a car and killed. So he decides to find the woman this guy intended to marry and give her the ring anyways… But once he finds her, he’s smitten. Which is all well and good, except that he can’t do it. He can’t tell her about the ring. Instead, he embarks on a long, ridiculous quest to find a way to tell her the truth he knows she deserves…


Hitched by Karpov Kinrade — New Release!!

This sounds fun & sexy!! It takes place in Vegas! — “He called me “wife.” This man standing naked in front of me. Tall. Dark. Sexy as sin… He’s my husband? Disjointed images from the night before float into my mind… Then I remember that kiss… But I don’t remember marrying him. And now, he won’t let me go. Dr. Sexy who saves children for a living. He wants the summer to prove we are meant to be. I can give him a summer. But can I give him a lifetime?”


The Journey Home by Kelly ElliotNew Release!!

This sounds like a second chance romance!

Maddison Powers has been regretting the biggest mistake of her life when she walked away from the only man who has ever sparked something deep inside her. After comparing every guy she dates to Cale Blackwood, she finally gives up all hope of ever finding him. One dare by Maddison throws Cale back into her life…


Lovely Wild by Megan HartNew Release!!

This is described as “haunting and insightful” — Brought up in the savage captivity of her unstable grandmother’s home, Mari Calder yearned for rescue. Now she struggles to function as an adult in normal society. Left with only a foggy recollection of her childhood, she’s consumed with being a dutiful wife and mother. But an unexpected twist returns her to that long-forgotten house in the woods… [and] a string of devastating truths force her to question all she thought she knew.


The King by Tiffany ReiszNew Release!!

This is the sixth Original Sinners book (a very popular, unconventional BDSM erotica series) and this is also the second book in “The White Years Quartet” part of the series. — “Cunning. Sex. Pure nerve. Only this potent threesome can raise him to his rightful place as ruler of Manhattan’s kink kingdom.”

Reading order: The Siren, The Angel, The Prince, The Mistress, The Saint.


The Darkest Touch by Gena ShowalterNew Release!!

This is the latest standalone novel in the popular paranormal romance series, Lords of the Underworld. If you are new to these books, start with the first book.

This is Torin’s story – the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld. Fierce immortal warrior. Host to the demon of Disease. Torin’s every touch causes sickness and death. Carnal pleasure is forbidden. His touch could mean her end, but resisting her is the hardest battle he’s ever fought.


Saving Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia — New Release!!

This is the third final book in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series and it’s described in the blurb as a “story that blends true love, turbulent emotions, and life’s harsh realities into an uplifting tale that calls to the good in each of us.”

This series should be read in order (one continuous story).
Book 1 ($0.99), Book 2, Book 3.

*** PRE-ORDERS ***

Natural Love by S. CeliPre-order!!

This book sounds awesome and it’s coming out in December! It’s a standalone forbidden romance told completely in the male POV. No cheating/triangle.

“The secret she and I shared was the worst one of all. She was the one person I shouldn’t love — the one person I couldn’t love. But I did. I loved her. I wanted her, even though a romance with her threatened everything. It all felt so natural. And that was exactly the problem.”


Fifty Shades of Grey movie tie-in cover

The new paperback version of Fifty Shades of Grey is up on Amazon now for pre-order with a hot new “movie tie-in” cover. The book itself is the same and this is not a replacement, it’s just a fun new addition for fans of the movie who want it. The original cover will still be available purchase as always. But I wanted a copy of this one too just for fun!! I love the picture — it’s both HOT & SWEET!!



*** Click here for last week’s new releases ***

… Read More…

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Book Review — Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover

Book Review — Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover

“She’s nothing I’ve ever wanted… And absolutely everything I need.”

When Warren has the opportunity to live with a female roommate, he instantly agrees. It could be an exciting change.

Or maybe not.

Especially when that roommate is the cold and seemingly calculating Bridgette. Tensions run high and tempers flare as the two can hardly stand to be in the same room together. But Warren has a theory about Bridgette: anyone who can hate with that much passion should also have the capability to love with that much passion. And he wants to be the one to test this theory.

Will Bridgette find it in herself to warm her heart to Warren and finally learn to love?


Maybe not.

This was a fun, sexy surprise treat from Colleen Hoover giving fans of Maybe Someday a look into the love, pranks, and general hilarity of Warren’s life as he falls for the last girl he ever thought he could love.

While you can certainly read this spin-off novella on it’s own, I personally would highly recommend reading Maybe Someday first. Not only does that book tell a gorgeous, unique love story, but it’s also one of my all-time favorite 5-star standalones. A top recommendation for every single romance reader.

I read this in one sitting! I don’t want to tell you too much about it though because it’s a quick read and I think it’ll be way more fun to just discover it for yourself!! For anyone who doesn’t remember, Warren is one of Ridge’s close friends and his roommate. When Bridgette comes to live in their house, his whole life is turned upside down by this angry girl who invades his bathroom and seems to hate him.

“I feel like I’m two different people right now. I’m a guy who finds his new roommate insanely attractive, but I’m also a guy who can’t stand to be around his bitchy new roommate.”

But this doesn’t deter him. One prank leads to another, and then one kiss leads to so much more…

 “I can’t inhale, no matter how hard I try, because the need to kiss her has taken over… I need her air. I kiss her so desperately, I forget that I’m still mad at her.”

The sparks flew and this fun enemies-to-lovers novella kept me smiling. Maybe Not shows us a light-hearted, sexy side of Colleen Hoover’s writing and is a real treat for fans of Maybe Someday! :D

Click covers to purchase.


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Book Review — Captivated By You (Crossfire #4) by Sylvia Day

Book Review — Captivated By You (Crossfire #4) by Sylvia Day

“I want to be the man of your dreams, angel… I want that more than anything.”

SQUEEE!!! I absolutely LOVED this book!!

I love this series. I love these characters. I love the writing. I love the story. I love the intensity of Gideon and Eva’s love for each other. I love their passion. I love the character development. I’ve loved everything about the Crossfire series from the very beginning and this was another fantastic addition!! 5 STARS!!

This is the fourth book in this series and continues Gideon and Eva’s story than began in Bared To You. In order to prevent spoilers, I’m not going to discuss the plot at all, just my feelings about this book so you’re perfectly safe to read this review even if you haven’t yet read the book. — NO SPOILERS HERE!!

Gideon and Eva’s relationship is one I feel for so strongly. I love their dynamic — these are two damaged souls, who both make their fair share of mistakes, but who love each other with every fiber of their beings, more than anything else in the world, and that love gives them the strength and courage to face their fears and work together to create a healthier and stronger relationship and future.

He buried his face in my throat. “Love you.”
Tears stung my eyes… “Tell me again,” I begged, holding on to him.
His mouth found mine. “I love you.”

Having the added bonus of Gideon’s POV in this book was such a thrill. The story is told in dual POV and I felt that seeing both sides of the story added so much depth at this point in the series.

When Sylvia Day first announced that this series would be extended to 5 books ages ago, my honest reaction was that, as long as she stayed true to these characters and didn’t create any “drama for drama’s sake” then I was quite happy that their story would continue on because quite frankly, these characters are SO complex and their relationship still has SO potential for future development that I’m thrilled to know what I’ll be able to follow along every step of their journey and not have it be rushed. So far, I’ve loved everything that Ms. Day has written and have absolutely no complaints about any part of this series. As long as the story continues in this fashion, then I’d be happy to read even another 50 Crossfire books.

I honestly just have so much respect for the way she’s handled the entire storyline of the series so far. Everything she’s written has just served to strengthen the story and the characters. I love that at the core of this series is centered around the idea and effort of building a stronger relationship, not tearing it down. The angst and heart-racing intensity comes from how much you care and feel for these characters. Gideon and Eva certainly are not perfect people, but I feel like their flaws make them feel that much more real, and their love and way they support each other is absolutely beautiful.

“Despite all he’d been though, he had such an amazing capacity to feel and to love. He’d saved me, in so many ways. I was going to do whatever needed to be done to save him, too.”

In every way, Captivated By You was a true Crossfire book. Even though I didn’t re-read the other books before starting this, I instantly reconnected to the characters and lost myself back in their story. I read the book in one sitting and could not put it down at all. The ending is exactly the same “kind” as the first 3 books. It leaves you at a point in their relationship where things are looking up for them and you feel like they’re headed in a better, stronger direction. At the same time, it leaves you eager for the next book, without leaving you hanging. I love the way these books end and have always been happy with them.

Gideon has been one of my favorite book heroes since Bared To You. I love that even though he’s powerful, successful, and dominating, we are also shown his vulnerable side too. This was made even more clear through his POV. This is a man deeply scared by his past, fighting nightmares in his sleep and memories when he’s awake, who has fallen desperately, passionately, all-conumingly in love with a woman who not only is the love of his life, but who also understands his pain and his past on a deep, personal level.

“I told you I was going to fuck this up. I’ll fuck up again. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but God… I love you. I love you so fucking much. I can’t do this without you. I can’t live without you.”

Their path towards building a healthy relationship has never been easy but the strength of the foundation of their unwavering love for each other has given them a base to not only build up from but also to fall back on. No matter what, their love stays strong. And I love that. Theirs is a beautiful, intense, heart-wrenching journey filled with both mistakes and failures and accomplishments and progress. It’s passionate, addictive, and truly one of the best I’ve ever read. I absolutely adore this couple, I’ve loved every part of their story so far, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for them.

“You’ll never be without me. We’re going to grow old together. Die together. I’m not going to live a single day without you.”

Rating: 5 STARS!!

PS: Here’s my casting for Gideon & Eva since a few of you were asking for it.


BARED TO YOU (Crossfire #1)
Buy on Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review

REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire #2)
Buy on Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review

ENTWINED WITH YOU (Crossfire #3)
Buy on Kindle | Buy  in Paperback | Read my Review

CAPTIVATED BY YOU (Crossfire #4)
Buy on Kindle | Buy in Paperback | Read my Review

ONE WITH YOU (Crossfire #5)
More info coming soon.


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*** UPDATED LIST *** I just updated this AGAIN with more new releases & sales!!! Happy reading :D


Captivated by You by Sylvia Day — (Read my Review)

GIDEON CROSS FANS!! The highly anticipated 4th Crossfire book is LIVE and I absolutely loved it!! The Crossfire series continues to be one of my Top 5 favorite series and this book was another winner!! Both the Kindle and paperback copies are out now. Also, if you haven’t read them yet, click here for the first 3 books.

“You’ll never be without me. We’re going to grow old together. Die together. I’m not going to live a single day without you.”


Light Shadows by SL JenningsNew Release!!

This is the final book in this highly-rated series and tells the conclusion to this love story. And the first book is on sale!! — It’s described as a raw, emotional story of a young woman’s journey … and her scorching hot, lip-biting addiction for the man she can’t deny, no matter the cost.

Book 1, Book 2, Novella, Book 3.


Wolfsgate by Cat PorterNew Release!!

Well this sounds different. “A sensual 18th century tale of deception and revenge, and the healing of two souls hungering for love and absolution.”

Shipwrecked and lost, left for dead, abandoned by my own family. Drugged and addicted. My wife saved me, brought me home. I didn’t even know I had a wife—can I trust her? I know I want her. Desperately. We are two of a kind—the manipulated, the tossed off, the rejected… without each other we’re both doomed.


I Belong To You by Lisa Renee JonesNew Release!!

This is the latest Inside Out series book, an erotic BDSM romance/ thrilling mystery series that also has a TV Show deal too! Here’s the series reading order: If I Were You, Being Me, Revealing Us, No In Between, I Belong To You

Master… Being that person, that man, is how I define myself, how I allow the rest of the world to define me as well… It is everything. It is what I need. It is all I need. Or maybe I just need… her.


Ella & Micha: Infinitely and Always by Jessica SorensenNew Release!!

This new $0.99 novella in the Secret series takes place at the end of Ella & Micha’s story. If you are new to the series, you can start with the first book. I read it a while ago and fell in love with it!!

After five years of marriage, Ella couldn’t be happier. Her job is great. Her marriage is amazing. But when she receives some surprising news, her world is turned upside down.


Felix by Elizabeth ReyesNew Release!!

This is the latest standalone in the 5th Street series. Each book is about a different couple: Full series: #1 Noah, #2 Gio, #3 Hector, #4 Abel, #5 Felix.

World famous boxing champ, Felix Sanchez, had it all. But when the hours in rehab begin to outnumber the hours he spends training, he loses his title. At his low point, he meets an adorable but tenacious self-defense instructor who has him considering this love thing one more time.


Assumptions by Melanie CodinaNew Release!!

An injured soccer star falls for his physical therapist…

Until now, Jonathan Baxter had one primary focus in his life, soccer. But when an injury sidelines him and jeopardizes his dreams, he has to work even harder than before. Rehabilitating his injury becomes his primary objective. Until he meets Leeann, a physical therapy assistant whose touch has the ability to make him lose focus…


Poles Apart by Kristy MoseleyNew Release!!

He’s the hottest driver ever to hit the MotoGP circuit and is living the celebrity lifestyle. With little to worry about, other than keeping himself top of the leader board, his favourite weekend pastime is visiting a certain blonde at Angels Gentlemen’s Club.

She’s a pole dancer who is just trying to make ends meet and guard the secret that she’s been keeping from everyone for the last two and a half years.


The Weight of Destiny by Nyrae DawnNew Release!!

When Ryder and Virginia meet on the beach, it seems they couldn’t be more different. Soon they discover they’re both trapped in their lives—Virginia denying her fate, Ryder embracing his. Like the rocks in Virginia Woolf’s pockets, the weight of their destinies will pull them under. But being together brings out pieces of themselves they didn’t know existed—pieces that make them want to take fate into their own hands and rewrite their destinies…if it’s not too late.


What’s Left Of Us by Amanda MaxlynNew Release!!

This is the heartwarming conclusion to What’s Left of Me.

Love found me three years ago. I’m cancer free, happily married to the love of my life, and working toward my dream career… But sometimes our dreams are haunted by our deepest fears. Fears of failure, having a child, and in our case … death. How do I help the person I love get over his fear when I’m still trying to overcome that same fear myself? Together we must learn What’s Left of Us.


Beautiful Outlaw by Emily MintonNew Release!!

She has sacrificed everything for her family, marrying a man she could never love. She stays silent as piece after piece of herself disappears… When his demands go too far, she finally tells her brother the ugly truth and he sends her to the one place he knows she’ll be safe. He places her into the hands of his best friend, Vice President of the Savage Outlaws MC…


First Debt by Pepper WintersNew Release!!

This is the sequel to Debt Inheritance (dark romance).

Her life is his until she’s paid off the debt that’s centuries old. He can do what he likes with her — nothing is out of bounds — she has to obey. There are no rules. Only payments…


Hart Attack by Cristin HarberNew Release!!

This can be read as a standalone.

He’s a soldier, a protector, and he’s haunted that one of the people he should’ve been able to protect didn’t let him. That was years ago, and now a hardened heart and a cocky attitude are his impenetrable shields, until one woman — one challenge — drives him to distraction…


Discovering Me by Crystal SpearsNew Release!!

This is the fourth biker romance in the Breakneck MC series. It’s recommended to read these in order: Bundle of Books #1 & 2, #3 Shadowing Me, #4 Discovering Me.

Biker alert! Sniper Breaker has the reputation among the Breakneck MC as the brother looking for love. The brother that cares the most openly might be the one who gets hurt the worst…


Londyn Falls by Jennifer DomenicoNew Release!!

He makes me want to know what broke his heart. To help him heal.
All I want is to love him. I just wish he knew it.
~ Londyn Harper

She makes me want to open my heart. Ask her to love me. Tell her my secrets.
All I want is to love her. I just need to tell her.
~ Luca Di Roma


Hansel Part 3 by Ella JamesNew Release!!

This is the third part of this erotic dark romance serial. Be sure to read them in order: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Once upon a time, they shared a prison wall inside a crazy woman’s house. When they meet again, he has a whip. She wears a mask. And fear runs high – for so many reasons. What will happen when the mask comes off, the walls come down? Fairy tales are cautionary tales, remember?
… Read More…

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