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Book Review – AXEL (Corps Security #1) by Harper Sloan

Book Review – AXEL (Corps Security #1) by Harper Sloan

“Do you feel it? Every single thing we ever felt for each other, it is still there, Izzy… We walked back into each other’s lives for a reason [and] there isn’t one goddamn thing that will tear us apart again.”

4.5 stars

Calling all badass Alpha male fans!!! You need to check this book out!! It was a blend of all the elements I love in a book – protective Alphas, great character dynamics and a beautiful second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Over ten years ago, Axel walked out of Izzy’s life and she never saw him again. But she’d never forgotten him or let go of her love. Heartbroken, she is now trapped in a love-less marriage to a vulgar, abusive, controlling husband. Her life is miserable and she craves freedom… but most of all she craves the love that she lost so many years ago.

“Cut off from those I loved and so terrified of his wrath; I wasn’t going anywhere. Those were the years I prayed and prayed for Axel to find his way back to me… but I eventually had to face the facts… my hero was gone.”

This book starts out with a prologue that, while gritty and horrifying, really sucks you right into the story.

“That was the same day I decided fate hated me. No, she didn’t hate me… she loathed me. People say karma is a bitch but I have news for you, karma doesn’t have anything on fate when she is after your blood. Not a single thing.”

The story is told from alternating POVs through a mixture of present day and flashback scenes. The beginning is told from Izzy’s perspective but once Axel returns to the scene, we get his POV as well.

Through the flashbacks, we learn that Izzy and Axel were childhood sweethearts. Inseparable and in love. But he had joined the military and was heading off to basic training and for the first time, they were facing separation. They planned to get through it and knew that they could but through a cruel twist of fate, their paths didn’t cross when he returned and they spent the next decade apart. Him angry, her broken-hearted, neither of them knowing the whole story… and the saddest part was how close they came to being able to stay together.

“You promise to come back to me?” …
“Just try and keep me away.”

Her friends eventually got her away from her husband’s hellhole but he was still refusing a divorce so one of her best friends called in a specialist – an “ex-Marine, badass motherfucker” he worked with on occasion that he knew would be willing to help. Well… guess who that was? 😀

Ohhh my gosh! The anticipation that build to them meeting again just gave me butterflies and kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for “that moment” – you know the moment I’m talking about… *sigh* I just love second-chance romances!

“Seeing his face again is still a punch straight to the gut. It physically hurts to breathe. He looks so different than the boyish face I remember in my dreams, he is still Axel, but he looks harder.”

But… it wasn’t all hearts and rainbows. The real real reason they hadn’t connected again after all these years was due to a huge misunderstanding. One that was big enough to keep him away that whole time and it was painful to watch. There was hurt and misunderstandings on both sides to work through but you just knew all the way through that they were just meant for each other.

Let’s just all take a minute now to swoon over Axel. Just picture someone “tall dark and lickable”. He was Alpha, badass, unapologetically protective, possessive, with a heart of gold and complete and total love for his girl. *dreamy sigh* I loved his no-bullshit, no-games attitude. He gave her space when she needed it but was not going to let her run. He made them face their problems and work through them and even for that alone, I loved him.

“You want fucking time, fine. One week, that is all I’m willing to give. Next Saturday, I don’t care if I have to knock on every goddamn door in Georgia. I will find you and we will be having this talk. Got that?”

Well, shit.

That being said, there were a lot of miscommunications (and a slight bit of stupid) to work through in this and if I had to make one complaint, I’d say that the heroine was a little… weepy in the first half. I mean, her life seriously sucked and she’d been through a lot but still… it was something I noticed but it still didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story. And I loved that when they finally got everything sorted, the swoooooooon and hotness that ensued had me simultaneously fanning myself and clutching my heart. It was HOT. Sweet. Explosive. Scorching. I loved that they talked through it though because by the end, you really felt like their issues had all been worked through.

“I won’t let you go until we figure it out. Not happening. Do you feel it? Every single thing we ever felt for each other, it is still there Izzy and I won’t let you push me away. We walked back into each other’s lives for a reason… There isn’t one goddamn thing that will tear us apart again. Lost too much time already, Princess. Too much time that I should have had you right here in my arms… Not one day went by Izzy that my heart didn’t belong to you.”

This book kind of reminded me of Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series. It had a very similar Alpha male slash uber badass protector vibe to it so fans of that series might really like this one too.

Plus, there was a whole group of hot guys here, all working for Axel’s security team and ohhhhhh myyyyy were they ALL yummy. I want to know more about each and everyone! I hope they each get books! But at the top of my list are Greg (omg LOVE him and his whole protector vibe!) and Maddox (badass with a heart of gold and some serious demons) … not to mention Beck (him and Dee have some serious issues to worth through!)… ok, clearly this is proving that I can’t choose. Fingers crossed that they just all get books.

Seriously, for the good of womankind, someone needs to find these guys and clone and distribute them. I mean holyyyyyy *fans self*

It wasn’t all badass fun though. Remember that Izzy’s ex-husband was still out to get her and was a real piece of work so the ending was action packed and intense.

This series has me hooked!!! Totally hooked. I will be buying the next one the day it comes out.

Book #2 will be about Greg Cage. That man stole my heart in this book and seriously gave Axel a run for his money in the swoon department. As Izzy’s best friend, his self-appointed role as her protector just turned my insides to mush.

“He was able to recognize my fear and instead of lashing out, he took it in and turned into my lifeline; my protector.”

See what I mean??? Yeah… I need his book. Stat.

Axel made me fall in love with all the characters, laugh, tear up, and fan myself from all the hotness. Fans of badass Alpha males and second-chance romances should definitely check this out!

This is the first book in the Corps Security series. Each book will focus on a different character from the group though so this one has a happy ending and can be read as a standalone.

“Amor Vincit Omnia… Love Conquers all.”

4.5 stars




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  1. This book was awesome! Just finished it!

  2. Annette says:

    OMG… you SOLD me at Kristen Ashley. I love KA and have been mourning ever since I finished most of her books and now this!! I’m so happy – read your reviews babe, and got goosebumps. GOOSEBUMPS! Here’s another uber alpha male – yes… I’m definitely gonna read this next!

  3. I wasn’t going to read this book, I don’t usually like the miss-communication second chance thing. But after reading your review I had to try it. You mentioned a few of my favourite things, Kristen Ashley and Marines! I’m so glad I did :) I loved it! I cant wait for the rest of the series, especially Mad, I do like ’em damaged 😉
    Thank you for your Jedi like super powers! I have never been disappointed after reading something from one of your recommendations.

  4. Becky Wise says:

    Love the review. This book was amazing.

  5. loved it so much i had to buy them all

  6. Rachael Brown says:

    This book sounds amazing! I will definitely check out this series.

  7. Booklover4lifeblog says:

    I loved this book so much! It was so heartbreaking!!! I have read all of the books in this series, and I have fallen in love with them all!

  8. Robin Thompson says:

    Loved this series!

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