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Book Review – The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

Book Review – The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

5 stars!!!

“I love you… I’ve only ever loved one girl, Tru – and that’s you. It’s  always been you. I’ve loved you from the moment I knew how to love.


I am totally in LOVE with this book! Freaking. Thrilling. Read.

A well-written, beautiful story that put me through a deliciously emotional angsty ringer, made my heart race and flutter and had me swooning like crazy over Jake Wethers.

I loved the writing style right from the start. It was vivid, clean, and got you right into Tru’s head. This book made me laugh, cry, squee, cheer, gasp, sigh, swoon, melt, fan myself, take deep calming breaths in order to move on, gave me goosbumps, made my breath hitch, made me read with misty eyes for like the whole final 15%, it just TOTALLY affected me. My emotions were all over the place and all of them were INTENSE!

My heart = the author’s yo-yo. I utterly LOVED IT!!

Tru and Jake were the best of childhood friends. They did everything together. And although they were too young to really understand it, they did fall in love. Everything was perfect until his family suddenly uprouted to a different country when they were 14 and they lost touch.

Now, twelve years later, Jake has become the world famous “ultimate bad boy of rock” – living a life full of booze, parties, drugs and women , while Tru has become a music journalist. Even though he’s hugely popular, she’s never told anyone that she knew him, wanting to keep that part of her memories private. So now, when her boss signs her up to interview and write an article on him, she absolutely terrified – she knows he’s changed from the boy she knew – will he remember her? What will they say? She knows about a dark part of his past that the world doesn’t now about. Maybe he won’t want to see her? And yet at the same time, she’s utterly excited out of her mind.

“Jake Wethers, the man who used to be the boy I loved.”

Ooooooohhmigosh, when they meet for the first time again, my. heart. was. racing!!!! I was smiling, grinning, and my heart was pounding. It was AMAZING!! I love books that affect me so strongly and I have to say that from the moment I met Jake, I fell in instant love with him. INSTANT.

And its clear from the start that the spark between them has never died. And he asks her to go on tour with them as the official biographer of his tour and then oh how the fun begins as Jake, subtly at first, and later not so subtly, works hard to rekindle the romance and show Tru the depths of the feelings he’s always had for her.

“It’s always been you, Tru. Always.”   *melt*”

Now, here’s the hiccup, Tru has a boyfriend, Will- a wonderful, sweet, gorgeous, loving boyfriend. And dispite her feelings towards Jake, she isn’t quite sure how he feels towards her. She has a lot of insecurities, but I found them to be understandable – annoying perhaps at times because of how badly I just wanted them to get together, but they were not ridiculous. I think its easy for people on the outside to judge her initial reaction, but honestly, in her shoes, I’d prolly be having a lot of the same thoughts myself.

There IS a little bit of a love triangle going on for a part of the book, and yes, when Jake and Tru first get physical, there IS cheating. But, and here’s the big BUT, it did not bother me (*gasp* and I’m the person who utterly HATES any cheating in books). Why did it not bother me? Because it wasn’t long and drawn out. The cheating was understandable. Here are two people CLEARLY meant to be together who have honestly LOVED each other since they were kids, in a sitation where one of them is attached. It sucks. And they gave what they had between them a go and ended up telling Will within a few days of starting so there wasn’t this huge big long cheating time. Yes, it was messy. My heart was in utter turmoil. Yes, my heart hurt for Will. But there was just no denying how right Jake and True felt together. They were truely each other’s soul mates.

You’re mine, Tru. I’m not sharing you with him anymore.

And this isn’t a book about cheating. Its a story about a childhood love that never truely went away throughout years of separation, and how, once reunited, nothing will be able to keep them apart. The cheating thing gets resolved quickly and then after that its just about Jake and Tru.

So, now, back to Jake *pauses a moment to SWOON*… Jake Wethers, perhaps the sweetest and hottest rock god to grace this earth. I haven’t had my heart this much a-flutter since Kellan and Gideon. Let me tell you, I was hyperventilating and swooning to the MAX. What is it about rock stars that is just so. Freaking. THRILLING?!

The chemistry between Jake and Tru… oh dear lord *fans self*, it sizzles. You can feel it come right off the page. Totally undiable. Totally INTENSE. From the start, you can just FEEL that its  ‘right’ between them. And the intensity between them just slowly builds from their first meeting to the point where it just couldn’t be held back any more. Made you feel for them that much more strongly.

The book is steamy – very steamy, but not erotica steamy. Its there, but not overpowering. Personally, I thought it was just the right amount for this story.

Once Jake and Tru were together, yes, they fought, yes, they had their moments of stupid, but c’mon, who doesn’t? Personally, despite reading some of the scenes and just going “FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK”, I didn’t find that the drama overshadowed the story, but rather brought it a sense of realism. They have a lot to deal with – paparazi, public image, various things that happen in their private life… and so naturally, it affects them. But they do work through their issues… and them together just utterly melted my heart *dreamy sigh*

The pacing of the book was mostly excellent. But if I had to complain, I’d say that there were a few scenes that were alluded to, but skipped over in detail that I’d really have wished to read in full. The time jumps are a little jolting, making you momentarily disconnect from the story line, but it quickly picks up again and didn’t take away from my overall reading experience.

This book deals with a lot of serious issues – drugs, cheating, death, commitment, the effects of fame. But its a romance at heart… and an abolutely beautiful one at that.

The ending was a totally swoony HEA but was a little abrupt. I loved it, but… I WANT MORE!!!! NOW!! Please?! Ms. Towle, pretty please????!! *begs*

oooo and we are treated at the end of the book to one chapter from Jake’s POV. Its the scene where they meet for the first time and can I just say that that might actually be the BEST guy POV I’ve ever read. You got RIGHT into his head. Literally every thought. It was BRILLIANT. I hear rumours that there will be more of his POV in the sequel so…. *SQUEEEEEEE*

If you are looking for a rockstar romance that will totally take over your heart, try this one out!

Also, if you liked this book, you will most likely love Thoughtless, and vice versa… if you are a big fan of Thoughtless, RUN out and get yourself this book. Cuz… just WOW!! 😀

Jake Wethers… you are my rock god <3



#1 The Mighty Storm
Kindle | Paperback

#2 Wethering The Storm
Kindle | Paperback


I found a picture of this guy that looks EXACTLY like how Jake was described in the books (just add blue contacts and tattoo him up a bit in your minds :P). What do you guys think? Is he HOT or what?


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  1. Currently reading this book. AMAZING!. The pictures you found are so spot on! Especially the hair description! Just needs some tattoos :)

  2. I have read quite a few reviews. But this one makes me want to get my hands on this book like Now! TY for really speaking from the heart. At least that’s the way I felt while reading this review. I going to download this book onto my Kindle because of YOU.

  3. @Ralphsmum: haha I was totally in shock when I saw the pics with his exact hair style AND who was clearly into music. Big squee there :)

    @Jessie: *glows* aww thank you! .. And Woohooo!!! I hope you love it! Happy reading 😀

  4. How do you do it? You have found a near perfect image of Jake. I’m so happy that you have found a way of sharing with us your vision of the characters.

  5. I am defnitely adding this to my TBR mountain! I also added your button to my blog and ‘showed you some love’ on my post today.

  6. Woohoo!! Thanks Alana <3
    And this book is totally worth bumping up your TBR pile 😀

    EDIT: wow I just check out your post Alana - loved it!! and I'm here any time you want to chat :)

  7. Thank you for the recommendation! I read this in like one day and I have to agree a great read. Been following your blog for about 2 months and I have to say your reviews are spot on with my tastes.

  8. Hi Monica! Im so happy to hear that :) and so glad you loved the book as well. I can’t wait for it to be out in paperback so it can grace my favs shelf

  9. Loved this book & think that it was probably one of the best I’ve read this year! The story pulled me in from the first chapter & I couldn’t put it down. What an emotional & heart tugging read.

  10. Your pictures are perfect! You described the way I felt the entire time I read the book. So glad I was not the only one!!! Was sad for it to end, but glad so I could stop the stress! 😉

  11. Gah! I LOVE this book. Im at about 88%…and I had to take a break. Thats how I know Ive got a good book in my hands – its so intense I feel like Im sitting on the edge of my seat!

  12. Wow sorry I missed all these comments here – I’m so glad you guys loved it though. Jake totally stole my heart <3

    oh, and PS guys, the paperback is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Kerry, hand in there! Its intense but the ending is sooo sweet <3 Enjoy!!

  13. One of my fav bad boy rockstars! luv me some Jake <3…. and I Luvvvv the pics you found.. super HOTT!
    Your review is great as well =).. I could not stop thinking about this book. Can't wait for TMS2…

  14. Thanks Ariana! This is definitely one of those books that stays with you :) Only a few months until TMS2!!

  15. iluvvampires says:

    Oh I sooooo wanted to love this book but I just couldn’t get past the infidelity. It was just done in the worst possible way that I found it hard to care or sympathise with the heroine at times. To me she was just so selfish and self absorbed. What made it worse was that Will was so sweet! But…having said that the story was written well, and I am curious to see what other drama lies ahead for them, so I will probably buy TMS2 when it comes out (but only if there is no more cheating…)

  16. NinaReader says:

    This was my favorite book of 2012 – only because I didn’t read The Bronze Horseman series until this year. One of the most moving things that isn’t mentioned is the author’s music choices. When Jake decides to sing the Killers’ Mr. Brightside (if you aren’t familiar, I promise you will love it) I just about died. I FELT Jake like he was singing it to me. I had pains in my stomach and my heart. Also when he sings Hurt in the end….OMG!!! Look up the lyrics to that song if you haven’t yet and that makes the scene that much more agonizing…much more gripping!!!
    As far as the cheating (which I absolutely abhor in a book) this book had one of the very few excuses that I can tolerate and understand…and that is they loved each other first. It’s not new love, it’s love already and always have been there.

    Aestas – I found your blog because I ran into your TBH review and I’m utterly addicted to your blog/goodreads now. I’ve been reading romance novels for 20 years (wow I sound old but I started when I was 18) and TBH series are absolutely the best books I have EVER read. Hands. Down. Oh what i wouldn’t give to sit down with you and talk TBH. :)

  17. TBH is a hard series to top! That’s why I have it in its own category. I just *cant* compare other books to it!!! I do love TMS too though – amazing read! Can’t wait for book #2 :)

  18. LOVED this book. Halfway through I stopped and pre ordered ordered Wethering the Storm. So good I wanted more Jake.. Can’t wait for next book.

  19. I ADORED this book! It ripped right through my heart!!! I could feel every angst and depth of love theses two shared for each other. The first love is like no other. I agree that cheating is NOT my thing in a book but somehow this seemed ok?!! This heart felt rock star romance covered so many issues dealing with this lifestyle. I just can’t say enough good things about it. I thought Kellan would be my only rockstar love however Jake is just gut wrenching and so broken :( I read this book in almost one day (up until 2:30 in the morning!) because the intensity was addicting! I just started Whethering the storm and I can’t wait! Thanks for recommending these books. I will continue to come to you for incredible books!
    Now I need to go back to Jake and Tru :)

  20. kim thorne says:

    ooo i love the rock connection it sounds good and the love triangle hmmm, plus you kind of feel for them when they get separated when one of them moves away.

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