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Book Review – The Proposal (The Proposition #2) by Katie Ashley

Book Review – The Proposal (The Proposition #2) by Katie Ashley

4 stars.

“I want to be with you, Em. I want to be with you every fucking moment of every fucking day.”

Ohhhh how I love an epic grovel!!

With the start of this book, we are thankfully thrown right back into the OMGOMGOMGOMGGGGG freak out issue we were left off with at the end of book #1, The Proposition. I am SO glad the book didn’t skip forward or anything and allowed us to just jump back in and see the rest of the story unfold.

I gotta say, I totally bought Aidan’s regret over his actions. The dude was just downright miserable (much to my evil satisfaction). Yes, I know it makes me a little evil but after the brutal cliffhanger of the last book, I was okay with a little “Aidan-is-suffering” time. Hearing about him not sleeping, barely eating, wallowing in misery just made rub my hands together with glee cackling ‘more! more!’…. okay, that might be a bit overboard, but you get what I mean, lol, and hey. The guy fucked up. Big time. Buuuuuuut, fuck up or no, he too has a back story. There is a whole part to his past that we didn’t know about in the first book which comes out in this book – the real reason behind his commitment phobias/

But, I mean, at the end of the day, the guy has a really good heart, so then started one of the most epic grovels I’ve read… it was pretty delicious. From balloons, flowers and poetry, to therapy, to mega all-out pampering, to right down on his knees begging… that man was willing to do just about anything to make himself worthy of her.

A hopeful look entered his tortured eyes. “I’d give anything and everything in this world to redeem myself with you. Just please, please give me the chance.”

And seriously, this scene was so cute!!

 [reading a baby’s onsie] “I’m cute, Mommy’s cute, and Daddy’s…” She tore her gaze up to meet his.
“Daddy’s lucky,” he finished for her.

Emma too had serious and totally understandable trust issues regarding Aidan. She was holding out for a certain something to happen and I absolutely don’t blame her – heck, I’d have done the same thing.

I guess though, in this book, it was Emma’s turn to “pull a stupid.” Le sigh. I won’t go into detail, but I didn’t like the decisions she made regarding a certain plot point or how she didn’t realize the way her actions would look. Okay, I know that’s very vague – but I’m trying not to spoil anything. I mean, I understood how she dealt with it in the beginning of the book pre-Aidan-grovel. But the 2 ‘scenes’ post-Aidan-grovel were uncool. I mean, if the roles had been reversed and Aidan tried to do that, it would not have been okay. And although I had been sympathizing with Emma for the majority of the 2 books, around 60% through this one, my sympathies switched to Aidan’s side… yeah. It bothered me, but at the same time, it wasn’t tooooooo far drawn out and I will give her brownie points for realizing her stupid after the fact and actually apologizing. It softened my anger, lol.

Then OHHHHH MYYY GODD!!!! I was worried that at the final moment of grovel when those special words we’ve all been waiting to hear had to be said that Aidan might not be able to deliver but BOY DID HE DO IT RIGHT!!!!! Yup, I ended up completely forgiving him for all his previous asshatery. All of it! Forgiven! Poof!

And then the swooooooon began.

Followed by more swoon. And more. And more. And more. Oh, and hotness.

I really liked how it didn’t take them the whole book to work their issues out. They pretty much resolved things by about 70% ish, and then the rest of the book was devoted to their rebuilding and working issues out. After all the angst and heart ache, it was nice to be rewarded with actual full-out swoony times instead of just having it all resolved in the last chapter.

So yes, all you worried folk, there is a full and swoony HEA at the end of this one concluding Aidan and Emma’s story.

“There’s going to be good times and bad times and heart ache and joy. Don’t ever think that because of what happened before that your love isn’t as strong or as beautiful as anyone else’s. its the love that goes through the hardest trials and survives that is worth having.”

But! I did see that there is going to be a companion novel released called “The Pairing” which will follow Pesh’s story. I’m looking forward to it! :)

4 stars.



#2 THE PROPOSAL <– the one this review is about

Prequel – THE PARTY (to be read after)

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  1. So I may be one of the few people in the reading communities who has NOT read Katie Ashley’s novels (I have read the latest from Krista Ashe 😉 ). My fault that I’ve been spoilt for the end of TP #1, but I need to get onto it soon. Sounds like I NEED to be on that bandwagon.

    Great review once again, Aestas.

  2. I have The Proposition and The Proposal on my kindle. I definitely can’t wait to read them after reading your reviews!

    Tiffany Craig
    Tiffany Talks Books

  3. :)

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