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I’ve listed some of my favorite reads below! It’s an ever-growing list that I’ll add to every few weeks so do keep checking back. They are not listed in any particular order here. For a list of all reviews sorted by rating, click here.  Also, be sure to check out these other lists:

And I get asked a lot for my absolute most favorite series of all and so, here it is:

Also, a few things… In some cases, I have only listed the first book of a series in this list, but in the reviews, you will find links to the full reading orders. And, being higher or lower on here doesn’t mean much – sometimes the decision to move a books up or down the page actually had to do with where the color of it’s cover would look best so all the books on here are recommendations, no matter their placement.

** Note: I can only add books to this list in batches of 5 so if a favorite book isn’t on here, it’s likely just because I’m waiting for 4 other books to add with it.

Click the covers to be taken to the reviews.
There are purchase links + reading orders in all the reviews.

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  1. I just found your site….and I am now addicted. So thank you for yet another distraction from reality. But I have to ask how you have not read the Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan. OMG! From what I gather by your reviews…you will LOVE them. Talk about major cliff hanger in the first book. The second one leaves you knowing the main characters will be ok…by its in a heartbreaking way. And if the third one doesn’t come out soon….I am going to go nuts. Anyhow…..give them a read….I think you will enjoy. And thanks for your reviews…I now have an entire winter reading list that I won’t get through with till next summer!;o)

  2. Hi Juli :)

    Welcome to my blog! I”m so glad you like it here! I’m saving the Breathing series to read in June when the final book comes out. Its been hard to wait, but I really want to get the ‘full’ series experience. I can’t wait though!!

    I hope you enjoy these recs. These are many of my top fav reads :)


  3. seems like we have the same taste here lol I still have a pile of books to read but I guess I’ll read from your suggestions first~

  4. Hi Fifi :) lol, I hope you enjoy them! These truly are many of my top favs!

  5. I go through maybe 5 books a week… Thanks for the recommendations because we do have the same tastes in books. I’m excited to read all of these :) And I just adore Kristen Ashley. After I read the Dream Man Series, I’m done with her novels. :(

  6. Hi Kathy :) If you are looking to read more of KA’s books. I have a complete recommended reading order at this link :

  7. Just finished Fallen Too Far yesterday….counting the days until the next one comes out!

  8. I love your blog and I also am addicted to reading! FSOG and my kindle are to blame. lol!! I was always a reader as a kid, teen and so on, but then family, work, (My job entails lots of reading) etc., took me a way for awhile. I loved the Twilight Series, but didn’t read much again after that. But this past summer after FSOG, I couldn’t not read. We have the same taste in books so was glad for then names of some new books. My newest addiction is Bianca and James too! Can’t wait for Grounded. I notice you haven’t read Blackstone books. Was wondering if you were waiting for all three? Book 1 was good, 2 okay. I think it was the Ethan pov that didn’t work for me! So glad to have found your blog! Happy reading.

  9. Hello,

    I’m from France and I really enjoy reading your blog and we do have similar tastes so thank you for doing this!
    Merci, Bisous et Courage

  10. Toni Marie says:

    So I just wanted to let you know that I’m in love with your blog. I literally stalk your page. This week I got bored (after finishing The Black dagger Brotherhood series that you recommended which were awesome) so I looked at your recommendations page and saw that I’ve read most of the novels on the list except for Darkfever so I downloaded it and fell in love! Finished the series this weekend. you are amazingly beyond awesome

  11. You guys rock!!!! Thank you so much for your comments and for supporting my blog <3 <3

  12. Mary Crandall says:

    I love this blog, I’m alway looking for a well written YA romance. When I was a teenager I read this lullaby by Sarah Dessen and fell in love with her writing and the genre. The genre has become more popular over the past years ( I remember being at the library and frustrated as I had literally read every book in the YA section). Thanks for offering great review on all of these books, you have impeccable taste!

  13. Hopeless Romatic says:

    I’ve been following your blog for about a month now and thoroughly enjoy your reviews. When I’m looking for my next book to devour, your blog is my go to. However, I recently stumbled upon an absolutely gem and wanted to recommend it to you in case it’s not quite on your radar. The book is called “Collide” by Gail Mchugh and let me just tell you that this story had me laughing, crying, screaming at my kindle and heartbroken. For a debut novel I thought the author did an excellent job, I absolutely fell in love with the main characters and was fully emotionally vested in them by 15% into the book. I would love to hear what you have to say about this story. :)

  14. Wow lots of my favorite as well, and a few new ones:) love it!!

  15. I seriously am in love with your blog!! Before I choose which book I am going to read next I always come on here and read your reviews first! I got a kindle for Christmas this year and I have already read over fifty books! So thank you for having amazing taste in books :)

  16. I love this page and have read many of your recommendations. I have a request of sorts. While I love series books I am frustrated that I can’t just read a book with a final ending. Would it be possible to indicate if books are stand alone or series?

  17. Hey Terri! That’s an awesome idea! When I launch the new site design, I’ll include that feature – thank you! For now, if you check the reviews, I always say if there is a HEA or cliffhanger :)

  18. Hi all,

    I really like this blog. I just stumbled on it a month ago and have been checking in to gather my reading list. I wanted to suggest ( don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet) I love, Gabriel’s Rapture and Gabriel’s Inferno. Two wonderful books and it turns out that the Author is releashing another (3rd) book soon! Excellent writing, well written characters, and a very well rounded book with excellent love scenes. I couldn’t put it down.

  19. Keeta Walker says:

    I love your blog and reviews and this page and have read many of your recommendations. Before I choose which book I am going to read next I always come on here and read your reviews, As a recommendation I know Beauty from pain is on your to read list just finished it could put it down, I liked the way the story flowed. I would love to here your review on it.

  20. Renata Moritz says:

    My name is Renata and I am from Brazil. I discovered your blog a few months ago and since then, I always visit it! We have very similar taste in books! Thank you so much for the blog and for all of your recommendations. Specially, I would like to thank you for introducing me to Tatiana’s and Alexander’s books. I am beginning book number 2 right now and can honestly say that no story has ever touched me like the Bronze Horseman has.

  21. I’m so glad you guys are loving these book!!!!!! <3

    Renata - I completely agree. Nothing compares in my eyes :)

  22. I really love your blog and just recently became a diehard reader again! I fell in love with 50 shades trilogy and have since read the Crossfire series (I am IN LOVE with them) and also the up in the air series (some of it went a little too far for me but the ending was heart pounding and amazing) I am trying to read some on your list like the thoughtless series but I keep getting side tracked lol! I was wondering if you’ve ever read any books by C. J. Ellisson? I read Vanilla on top which is a stand alone book but she is a great writer and expresses her characters very well. I liked that it was a complete story with a great wrap up ending. I love it when books switch POV. So anyways ill keep following ur blog and looking forward to what u read next :) happy reading!

  23. HI! I just wanted to say I love this blog. I follow on FB as well. I have read sooooo many books over the last two years from your recommendations and have loved each and every one! I have such a hard time deciding what to read next! Many on my TBR list for sure! I was wondering if you have read the HUSH, HUSH saga (4 books) by Becca Fritzpatrick? If not, you should. You would love them!


  25. Bea Samiano says:

    Hi. :) Have you read The Beauty Series by Georgia Cates and The Stark Trilogy of J. Kenner?
    If not, you should and I think you will enjoy it. :))

  26. Colleen says:

    This has become my favorite book blog! I started reading Romance Books after reading 50 Shades last spring, and I am now even more of a book addict than i ever was! Thank you so much for all of your recommendations…I trust your opinions and have found some of my favorites through your site…especially Kellan, my ultimate book boyfriend. I am disappointed that I have read most of these already, but there are a few I have missed and can’t wait to start them. Happy Reading!!

    • Thank you so much, Colleen!! I have a bunch more to add to this list this week so check back in a few days and you might find some more! :)

  27. Elizabeth Bello says:

    I absolutely love your blog.i have read at least 90% of the books you recommended … they say great minds thing alike!! .. Anyway … Thank you so very much for introducing me to the bronze horsemen!!! Wow ! By far the best story I have ever read! Just finished the trilogy and I don’t know what to do… I am sad their story is over .. I want more.. I know it is not realistic .. But I do .. I’m afraid to read another book because i don’t think it will be as good as Tatiana and Alexander’s story.. I am stuck ,. Pls help ….

    • Aww thanks, Elizabeth!!! and OMG I’m so happy you loved The Bronze Horseman!!!! Nothing can compare to those. I’ve tried, searched, scoured the book world for another like those and just had to settle with the fact that they are in their own league.

      But try something totally different maybe? Like On The Island? The link is in the top row of books on this page :)

  28. Natasha says:

    Love your blog and reviews. You should know by now what a great fan I am of yours. I have read some amazing books cost of you. I am glad I have someone that shares my interest in hot alpha male books . Thank you so much;-) :-)

  29. Hilary Robertson says:

    Just recently started following your blog and I have to say I’m really enjoying your reviews and recommendations. Looking at the books you’ve reviewed to date, it doesn’t look like you’ve ever reviewed either of the two book series by JD Nixon – Little Town and Heller. I loved both of these series. Great story, fantastic characters, romantic and good premise. I found this author by fluke and was thrilled when I discovered that she’s written several books in each series, which I’ve since polished off and am now waiting for her next release. While I really liked both series, I think my favourite is the Little Town books. I highly recommend.

    All the best – Hilary

    • Hi Hilary :)

      I’ve actually had Heller recommended to me a few times! I think at the time though, the series wasn’t completed and I was waiting for that to happen. I should go check them out again. Thanks!

  30. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and we have very similar taste in books. The first book I ever read was FSOG and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve read about 400 books since and most of the ones you review I buy if I haven’t read them already. I think a book definitely worthy of your attention is Accidentally on Purpose by L.D. Davis. I read it last year and the story really stuck with me. There was a twist that I didn’t expect in the end that really changed the way I felt through the whole book. She recently released the follow up to it called Worthy of redemption and I loved it just as much. You should definitely put them on your TBR list.

  31. Fran Satchell says:

    Hi – this is not a new statement obviously – but yes I too have discovered you, your site and your fabulous recommendations – reading books is what I do and I am so surprised that others do too – needles to say it is romance all the way and your recommendations / favourite list resemble mine including The Bronze Horseman trilogy as numero uno! Thanks for all of your great effort in sharing – I now have so many more options and choices to select from. My first choice and preference is intense and continuing romantic sagas with a main couple (eg TBH, FSOG, Twilight, Crossfire, This Man, Thoughtless, Sookie, Garbiel’s and Outlander). Thanks so much – I am a fan :)

  32. Hi, I’ve been following your on Twitter and Facebook for a while now and kept meaning to check out your website. Now that I have I can honestly say thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list and I cannot wait to check out the ones I don’t have yet! Many of your recommendations I already have on my tablet, but I’m glad to see there are still a few I don’t have.
    Like you I try to read books when the series is complete, I hate having to wait for the next book when there’s been a mega cliffhanger. I think the worst one was with BJ Harvey’s Lost In Distraction! I realised too late there was going to be a sequel and I was devastated for days!
    Anyway thanks for putting together this fabulous site, I’ll hopefully not miss any news about upcoming releases now!

  33. Upon your recommendation, I just finished the Bronze Horseman trilogy, all I can say is I will never be the same this might be one of the most fantastic thing I have ever read, (and I have 90% of the books on your list). So I just must say THANK YOU!

  34. I just love, love, love this collage of book covers. I’m seriously obsessed with cover art. Thanks for all you do sharing great, romantic reads!

  35. Hey I’m from Argentina, I wrote a few lines a couple of minutes ago, but I’m not sure if y sent them right… so anyway, I just wanted to say that I read almost all of this books and that their amazing, and also that this web page is amazing, you’re doing a terrific job. Please don’t ever stop! I’m becoming sort of addictive with the reading thing, but that’s ok I guess… So thanks for sharing those books, I don’t ever want to stop reading!!!!!

  36. There are a lot of new indie authors popping up all over the place. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to pinpoint which ones are legit and which ones are not especially with Facebook bloggers sending out new releases every five minutes. Has anyone read either of these two authors who recently popped up on the scene? Mia MIchelle – Rose of Thorne and Breaking Elle- Antoinette Candela.

  37. Hey, It’s the second time that I’m writing in this blog. There are so many great books here… And I read almost everyone… Though yesterday I read “real” by Katy Evans. I don’t know if you read it yet, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend it to you. I think you’re gonna love it. They are a trilogy and I’m starting the second book wich is calles “mine” and the third one is called “remy”.
    I love your reviews and the kind of books you read! Please don’t stop!!! God knows I can’t.. I’m missing a lot of sleep lately because of them!!!

    Sorry if my spelling isn’t perfect, I’m from Argentina and I’m still learning lol.

  38. I just found this site from going through the people that Abbi Glines is following on twitter. I’ve been on here for about 20 minutes and it only took me two minutes to fall in love with this website. I’ve already purchased my first book from your recommendations and I cannot wait to see what else I like:))

  39. This is an awesome list. I’ve read some of them and I will definitely check out the other books on the list. By the way, I love your blog :))

  40. Able Mable says:

    Awesome list!! Thank you for your recommendations!

  41. Able Mable says:

    I signed up and enjoy your reviews!

  42. Barb Holland says:

    Finding Solace! This book will pull you in from the first chapter and keep a hold of you until the final page. Leaving you with what we all know as a book hangover. I have had it compared to Beautiful Disaster, The Thoughtless series and Hopeless all wrapped into one. There is friendship, love, hurt, pain, joy and a happily ever after. Sadie walks you through three plus years of her life personally and brings you in to her inner circle of friends, making you feel as if you are one of them. Finding Solace is the jewel lurking in the sand waiting to be uncovered. Please don’t look this one over. You will be so glad you didn’t in the end.

  43. I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it! I just finished Archer’s Voice and have been searching for something to read that will “get” me like that book did. Thank you for all your reviews and recommendations!

  44. Just finished The Bronze Horseman trilogy and wanted to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Finally gave in and read these books after reading your praises and so glad I did because they were the best I have and will probably ever read! Loved them! So freaking amazing! Read them back to back in a week and was just completely entranced by them. Could barely see the words through the tears at times but totally worth it! Not sure how to move on from Tatiana and Alexander…I don’t think their story could ever be topped! I’ve enjoyed so many of your recommendations but this one outdoes them all!!!!

  45. Eva McFarden says:

    I just finished reading Interview With a Master, by Jason Luke. I just found your site and love it. This book is an eye opener as to what a man or Master sees, feels and gives. I absolutely fell in love with the way the story is written, from the man’s point of view, by a man. I hope you get a chance to read this.!

  46. This would be awesome

  47. I think about half of your recommendations I have read already. I don’t normally post here but i get your regular post thru my email and I take note of your latest read and i put them on my TBR :) keep on rocking ur blog. Btw, The Bronze Horseman Trilogy is in my tbr also so i hope to dive into that sooner than later. But as you know so many books to read and not enough time to read them all in time.

  48. Just wanna say thank you for all those Authors who has on their book cover the name of the series and the book number…… <3

  49. Im new to your blog and have to say I am a huge fan… my first book that I read (by your recomendation) Fragile Bonds… OMG… amazing heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time… Im currently going through a divorce and need reminders that love is really out there… Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into sharing such wonderful and inspiring book lists together…
    A very new and devoted fan

  50. Hi, i love your site just wanted to tell you that :) and also i have recently read Entice (Eagle Elite #3) by Rachel Van Dyken its her best work yet! you have to read it its fantastic definitely at the top of the list so far…

  51. You need to read the Home series by Ann Vaughn! Books 2-4 were my favorites. Think you would love them:)

  52. Have you read Barbara Speak’s Flawlessly Broken series?! Its amazing and so funny and heartbreaking I swear you will love it ;)These books… man! I was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the entire thing. I was laughing one moment, crying the next, and falling in love the whole time. It is truly an immaculate story being told that you literally fall into and become one of the characters. Barbara Speak is such an amazing author that you have a difficult time finding a boring or uninteresting part throughout the whole thing. They are super long books and I loved that because I couldnt put them down. She literally put me in a book coma- I read it constantly! That truly says something about the story line and the author.

    Read it I promise you won’t regret it 😉 ★

    • I couldn’t agree more with Tara! I absolutely LOVE the Flawlessly Broken Series! Gave me one of the biggest book hangovers EVER!

      Thank you so Ladies much for all the recommendations! I visit every time I hit a book slump, I know you always have something to pull me out!!

  53. Cindy O'Brien says:

    So happy to have found this site. The first book I read that you recommended was Don’t Ever Go by Sharla Lovelace. I loved it. It was so real, sad, heartbreaking, happy, sweet, life affirming all with a healthy twist of ‘yeah, this CAN happen’. You laugh, cry, yell…OMG I loved it. And what an ending! A must read!

  54. Jean Avery Brown says:

    I recently found this site. Thank you for enlightening readers and writers.
    When I looked at the list I was surprised I didn’t find Audrey Carlan’s Falling series: Angel Falling, London Falling and Justice Falling. Angel Falling was my first erotic book to read. I fell in love with the series. Hooked. The series is about three young women finding themselves ‘falling’ in love in different circumstances. Each book is a standalone. The author is one to keep an eye out for. I hope to see her books on your site. You’ll ‘fall’ in love with Audrey Carlan books.

  55. I love reading and and your blog so much. I go through your blog everyday. There is a whole list of books i found on your blog that i still need to read. Thanks for the amazing blog and great recommendations.

  56. Aestas, I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and I have to let you know what a great job you do. In my opinion, this is the BEST blog out there. The information you give your readers is priceless and the layout is awesome. It is so easy to find a book by rating or category. I would be lost without this! To top it all off, your book criteria is the same as mine!!! So thank you so much for your hard work and please don’t ever stop!

  57. Shana Caudle says:

    Hello Aestas!
    I think your blog is awesome! I’ve been following you for quite a while and the information you provide it so helpful. I just know if I’m going through a book dry spell I can come here and get some great new book ideas. The layout of your site is amazing and super easy to navigate. How do you get those book cover images all lined up like that? Anyway just wanted to drop a line and say a big thank you for sharing your love of books:)

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